Year 9+ NETFIT Lesson Plans


This resource pack – Year 9+, contains information for teachers, lesson plans and visual aids via the NETFIT App. These engaging lessons and resources take netball inside the classroom. They will provide opportunities for students to progress their learning across the Aus Curriculum, by drawing on examples found within netball.


Phase Lesson At a Glance
Skills Coaching On Court

Lesson 1 – The Basics (landing/passing)

Lesson 2 – Split & Re-offer

Lesson 3 – Intercepting

Lesson 4 – Movement (Preliminary)

Lesson 5 – Arms Over Pressure

Lesson 6 – Goaling

Lesson 7 – Depth On Second Phase

Lesson 8 – Centre Pass Set Plays

To capture students’ interest and find out what they think they know about netball and the skills involved.
Classroom Fitness

Lesson 1 – Listen & Live

Lesson 2 – Grind Now/Reward Later

Real time fitness works out (15mins)

Lesson 1 – Self Care (Colourful Bath Salts)

Lesson 2 – Managing Stress (DYI Stress Ball)

30 minute wellbeing sessions for your classroom

Lesson 1 – Positivity & Confidence Meditation

Lesson 2 – Do The Work Pilates

Real time Mindful Mediations (15mins)

Lesson 1 – Sugar in Drinks

Lesson 2 – Food For Energy

30 minute nutrition sessions for your classroom all about healthy habits.
Rhythmic & Movement

Lesson 1 – Cardio Ball

Lesson 2 – Arm Gains

Real time movement session to music (3mins)