NETFIT Clinics

Full Day Netball Clinics

A day in the life of a pro-netballer

NETFIT’s Netball Clinics are a full-day (9am-3pm), immersive netballing experience for your kids, running each school holiday throughout Australia.

We aim for all kids who attend our clinics to have fun, make friends, draw confidence through physical activity all while improving their on-court game too!

  • NETFIT GEN (Age 5-6) – No netball experience required
  • Micro (Age 7-9) – No netball experience required – functional netball skills – graduating to Match Play
  • Pivot (Age 10-12) – Comprehensive ball skills and get to play more challenging games.
  • Pro (Age 13-15) – Elevate your game.

Qualified professionals and elite netballers provide your child with a boutique netballing experience including training tips, game-day preparation and matchplay experience. NETFIT adopts a fun-first focus towards netball through:

  • Creative skills & drills
  • Match play
  • Healthy habits
  • ‘Head, Heart & Hand’ leadership workshop
  • Focus on teamwork & building confidence
  • Fresh new clinic theme every holidays
  • Goodie bags & more

We understand the importance of quality time with your child, with clinic numbers moderated to ensure quality connections are made between our coaches and your kids.

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Prepare with clinic checklist

What to pack?

  • Clothing – Please wear comfortable active gear & netball or sports runners. NETFIT Tee provided on arrival.
  • Essentials – Lunch, snacks, drink bottle, a netball (with name labelled) and any medication you may need. Any food brought with you must not contain nuts.


NETFIT recommends participants aged 5-15. The age you indicate on your application should describe the age your child is at the time of the clinic.

NETFIT allocates groups based on age. You should indicate the age of your child on the day of the clinic. However, there are no rules at NETFIT (well maybe a couple), but on clinic day we are happy for participants to change groups.

Yes!! NETFIT offers a modified program for Nettas, or NETSETGO, in line with our NETFIT GEN first year netballer program.

Just wear comfortable training gear suitable for exercise eg t-shirt and bike pants/leggings. You should also pack wet weather gear and something warm (possibly a change of top too) appropriate for weather forecast.. NETFIT also recommends sun block and cap if your venue is outside.

NETFIT asks participants to bring their own Netball. By bringing your own Netball allows us to maximize skills work with your netballer. Please make sure your ball is clearly labelled.

Don’t panic if you don’t have a Netball….we don’t expect you to go out and buy a netball just for our NETFIT Clinic…just come along and you will be able to share, no problem.

But please also note: NETFIT Netballs are always available for sale online.

Yes, NETFIT is covered by Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd

Yes, all NETFIT coaches have undergone screening and been cleared by the Working With Children Check (WWCC) as required by each states law.

In addition, all NETFIT coaches are experienced current or former representative players and/or coaches.

First Aid is provided at every NETFIT Clinic. In addition, all coaches take close care are always available for special TLC !!

It is important though that you PLEASE advise us of any illness, injury or condition that may affect your participation so that we are prepared and can alert First Aid staff.

And remind your coach on the day of the clinic so that we can make every effort to look after you. Also, if you come with an pre-existing injury please strap/tape etc before you arrive.

NETFIT offers online registration. Credit card payments will be processed via a secure registration provider and a credit card statement will show debit of Jeanieboy Pty Ltd/ NETFIT Netball

You should bring healthy, energy-rich snacks suitable for morning tea and lunch….and WATER.

We do not provide refreshments for participants, do not provide a canteen and do not allow participants to leave the venue.

We ask that you DO NOT bring any food containing nuts!!!! And…..we advise that you re-fill your drink bottle several times during the day!!!!

NETFIT caters for all ability levels. More talented, experienced players are naturally extended within their group by their coach.

Similarly, those participants who have never played before are given appropriate instruction in the basic skills and a great introduction to the game.

It is the aim of NETFIT to make every person’s experience a happy and positive one so that all are motivated to continue their Netball.

Part of the NETFIT experience is social….meeting and working with new people. Your coach will ensure that everyone in your group interacts and that you meet new friends.

If you are shy or unsure, please let us know at the start of the day…..extra care will be taken.

Parents are very welcome to stay and watch any NETFIT Clinic, please observe social distancing as well as other relevant State Health Advice.

They are also welcome, of course, to drop off in the morning and return to pick up at the end of the day….but please come back!!!!

While NETFIT’s intention is to take care of your child as if they were our own……and while we would never leave a child stranded on their own at the end of the day…..please make every effort to return at conclusion of the clinic. To that end….PLEASE ENSURE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS ARE ACCURATE !!!!

Most NETFIT Clinics events run 9.00am to 3:00pm Always click on the event that interests you to confirm event timing and location

Expect your NETFIT Clinic to proceed. NETFIT Clinics are only cancelled in the event that conditions are dangerous and no indoor venue is available.

So if conditions are sunny, cold, cloudy, windy, or light showers….we will go ahead. In the event of potential bad weather and the lack of a suitable indoor venue, NETFIT may consider re-scheduling the clinic.

This decision will be managed on a case by case basis and notification will be made via email.


Participant cancellation: Cancellation or modification of your booking can be made online. Please contact us for us to help you with these changes.

If cancellation occurs up to 7 days prior to the event then your money will be refunded less a $5 administration fee.

If cancellation is made within 7 days you will receive a 50% refund.

Unfortunately in the case of cancellations 24 hours or later no refund will be given.

In the event of injury or illness your money will be refunded less a $5 administration fee on presentation of a valid medical certificate within 48 hours of the date of the clinic.

Event Cancellation:

In the event of bad weather and the lack of a suitable indoor venue, NETFIT may consider re-scheduling the clinic.

This decision will be managed on a case by case basis and notification will be made via email and text message to your allocated phone number.

Should NETFIT cancel an event in the best interests of the participants a full refund will be actioned.

The NETFIT COVID Safety Plan is approved by each state government. Please see link to our covid safety plan.

NETFIT Unified Sports Matrix

Our aim is to ensure that every person involved in one of our SportsFit programs receives the support, love, care, and enjoyment that comes from part of our community.

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