NETFIT exists to bring inspiration and innovation to every netballer in the world

Our purpose is to move the world forward through the power of sport – breaking down barriers and building a sense of community and belonging, helping change the game for all kids. 

A message from our CEO, Sarah Wall

NETFIT is a community of hope and inspiration. We believe in the power of activity and team work to bring out the best in people and the potential of those people to bring out the best in our world.

Our purpose guides us and we believe that positive momentum can create everlasting change.

Our reason for doing


Increasing kids participation and movement through sport, creating an active generation and a stronger future. 

NETFIT invests in ‘Play’ and sport for all kids, because an active generation means a healthier future. 


Through NETFIT Play, our commitment to getting kids moving means working with local netball clubs and schools to increase physical participation in their programs and creating a sense of belonging, so they feel safe and are excited to return for more!


Our action:
  • Innovation, ensuring that kids stay engaged with on-trend activities
  • Increase youth participation in sport through developing genuine connections
  • Fostering inclusive communities, providing a safe place for all to play
Your action:
You can support ‘Play’ by volunteering your time at programs that inspire you, or financially supporting a program to grow kids participation.


We believe that knowledge is power, so we are aiming to share our knowledge with a view to creating a brighter future for players, coaches and all supporters of Play.

Great coaches do more than teach the game, they help mould a kids future. We know that when it comes to getting kids excited about and committed to – playing sports, a caring, trained coach can make all the difference.
We’re working with our partners to develop educational programs to train coaches to teach the FUNdamentals of netball in more exciting, engaging and accessible way, so more kids can reach their full potential on the court and in out world.
Our Action: 
  • Training more coaches, helping inspire leadership amongst communities
  • Up-skilling more young leaders through our Internship program
  • Continue to build our positive learning model
  • Empower our community through the Holistic Netball Coach: Mind, Body & Soul. 
Your Action:
To learn more about NETFIT Educate, become involved as a NETFIT Coach or apply for our internship aimed at growing female leaders working across marketing, digital and community engagement.


Being kinder to a Planet that gives so much to us, through more sustainable practices. 

As creators, it is our responsibility to consider how we make, sell and re-purpose our products. We’re taking a circular approach, focused on eliminating waste by creating products that are better for our community and our planet. 

Our steps of Planet purpose are:

  • Constant 1% efforts aimed at improving community sustainability awareness
  • Focusing on the re-use and re-energising of our products, providing longevity of use
  • Education and implementation of environmental action for clubs

NETFIT is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through more sustainable practices, single-use plastic adoption and increased physical exercise helping reduce traffic on our roads. 

Money Invested
$ 100000
Dream Catcher Graduates
Intern Graduates
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