NETFIT Netball Calm Colouring Book


I am extremely proud to be releasing the NETFIT Netball Calm Colouring Book, a mindfulness resource that we have developed with some friends of mine and in partnership with The Confident Girls Foundation.

When I say “we” I mean Emily Stephens and Emma Wright, two long-time friends and former teammates of mine from our home town of Camperdown, Victoria. The two Em’s had this concept and came to me to discuss one day…I was immediately taken by the idea and saw it, as they did, being a way to connect colouring, meditation, family, friends and netball together through this project.

For the final years of my professional netball career, I worked on many mindfulness methods that would help me be more present and “in the zone” on court. A combination of mindful activities, pre-game meditations and breath-work helped me alleviate stress and performance anxiety. After I felt my game improve and the ability to overcome setbacks and other difficult situations in my life, I gradually integrated these methods to become a natural, everyday part of my life.

Emily Stephens, a school teacher specialising in health and wellness, saw the need for self soothing activities for kids and adults through her experience in the classroom and from her time on the road throughout Western  Australia with her young family. Em, a talented and determined mid-courter and now senior coach of the local Camperdown A-grade team, just wanted a resource that allowed players to remain “in the game” but through a different lens, a different mindset…that really appealed to me and our conversation quickly snowballed into action.

Em Stephens had the words and the concept. I shared that vision through my own career experience and with my everyday engagement with our NETFIT Community. So the plan was in place and we had a trump card up our sleeve! Normie!

Emma Wright (or Normie to her close friends), is a gun goalkeeper and an amazing artist and designer. We now needed to start putting pen, concept and design to paper…enter the NETFIT all-round talent and string-puller, Claire Oliver and we had soon sourced a publisher and a crash course on what was next!

What immediately followed through the talent of these amazing women was brilliant to witness. Em Wright’s exquisite netball scenes and intricate, sophisticated patterns soon matched the flow of Emily Stephens’ words and my connected journey, with the end result being what you see before you now.

When we set out to do this, we wanted to ensure that we were able to do as much “good” as possible. Claire and I shared this opportunity with the passionate Mari Fenton from The Confident Girls Foundation with a view to donating 100% of the profits to the amazing cause. After sharing the donation piece and partnership opportunity with the girls Em Stephens immediately commented “The book embodies everything that we are trying to achieve, so this partnership is just the cherry on top.”

I couldn’t agree more.

From being on court together over 20 years ago, to now creating this together from home. I’m really proud of the girls and hope you enjoy the Calming Colouring experience.

Love Sarah