Boobs. There, we said it.

Netball is “classified” as a non-contact sport…I mean, that’s what an outsider to the game might think, or what someone reads when researching the sport for the first time, however for those of us that play, we know that it is “definitely” a contact sport.ย 

One of the biggest barriers to maintaining your health and safety when playing sport as a woman is a lack of awareness of how serious impact injuries can be in the modern age of speed and strength on court. Itโ€™s common for women to overlook some of the most vulnerable parts of their body โ€“ like the breasts.

The breast tissue can be damaged by deep bruising from impact. Boob Armour Protective Inserts are designed to fit into your favourite crop top or sports bra, and play a crucial role in protecting the breast from damage due to impact forces during sporting activities.

The breasts are supported by just the skin and fragile ligaments, hence the requirement of extra support during any workout, or team sports, especially those with repetitive running or jumping.

What are the benefits of wearing Boob Armour in your sports bra?

It is a common misconception that girls and women who do intense workouts or are involved in contact sports only need to wear a sports bra. Sports bras largely compress the breasts against the chest wall and may limit the amount of bounce but they do nothing to protect you from impact injury

Boob Armour sports bra Inserts are designed to work hand in hand with your sports bra or crop top so you can have the best of both worlds. Here are some common benefits.

  • They act to minimise impact forces from balls, elbows, knees, etc during sporting activities thereby protecting the sensitive breast tissue from injury
  • They help minimise breast movement during repetitive running or jumping thus preventing the onset of breast pain during sporting activities
  • They help to prevent injuries to Cooperโ€™s Ligament during intense workouts or sports activity helping avoid breast sagging.
  • They stop pain resulting from excessive breast movement or impact breast bruising from affecting sporting performance or causing missed games.

Boob Armour sports bra Inserts offer maximum support and protection and can help you stay in the game performing at your best and injury free. For more information feel free to reach out and contact us if you have any questions or head to for more information and find what works for your body.ย