I made the team! Now you have to maintain success

Stay true to your dream.

You have made the team, which started with a dream or an idea you believe in.

This dream is the driving force behind your success for the season ahead. It keeps you going when times get tough and it can keep your feet on the ground. Staying true to your dreams set you apart from competitors and give you confidence to keep setting higher goals.

Stay adaptable 

Stepping up into a higher level netball team, you will come across stronger players, tougher coaches and harder trainings. The netball landscape, clubs, associations and leagues are constantly changing. Successful players need to remain adaptable by:

  • Keeping fit and remain injury free. You need to be ready for grater opportunities.
  • Changing strategies when necessary. Be open to change, a new position, growing your game in a different direction. One of my favourite things to say to my team is, “adapt or die”.
  • Identifying what is in “favour” what is the style of play your coach is after. And build your game to meet what the team needs, while still maintaining your individual flair.

Successful player adapt for opportunities and adjust during challenging times.

Moving forward in a positive direction, no matter what situation you find yourself in,  is what separates successful players from those who don’t make it.

Have persistence and tenacity.

Achieving netball success requires tenacity and persistence during inevitable challenges. Successful athletes never give up when times gets tough, and they learn from their mistakes and use them as stepping stones to reach their goals. If one approach to solving a problem doesn’t work, don’t give up. Take a look at the challenge from a different angle to identify potential solutions that make your game stronger.