Here’s How To Overcome Rejection… Again

Here’s How To Overcome Rejection… Again. By Sarah Wall

We have all let rejection affect us at some point in our lives, as fair or as unfair as any situation might have been.

It brings a wave of emotions, questioning “am I good enough?” “Was I going about it the right way?” and we start to place our worth in these once a year events or peoples opinions of us.

The key to overcoming rejection is to develop a personal tools to help you use rejection as a superpower.

So how have I continued to bounce back after more “nos” than “yes’s”?

Firstly I put it down to my support network…starting with my mum, drumming into me as a young girl to “just have a go, don’t blame anyone for your failures and never give up.”

Secondly, I developed the philosophy of “1% better every day”. The concept of “1% better” acknowledges that constant progress, no matter how small, can lead to significant improvements over time.

Every rejection for me has opened a window of opportunity – because I have looked at it that way. “So I missed out this year?”…time to get to work on the parts of my game I know I need to and strengthen my strengths…because here’s a tip, your rejection isn’t total failure…focus on the positives within your game, your personality, your life.

Focus on your strengths, make them bigger, stronger and greater because that is what has gotten you to this point. Don’t put all your energy into your weaknesses.
Yes, you can work on them but don’t put 100% of your energy on 2% of the problem…split it 50:50 and make sure you give your strengths room to grow as well.

If we can focus on continuous learning, improvement and incremental steps toward a goal. It promotes consistency, resilience and a growth mindset, recognising that perfection is often unattainable but progress is always possible.