How I Stay Consistent In My Netball Season: Tay’s Top Tips

So your netball season has started and you’re lacking some motivation. We start on a high and you’re trying to get over that initial exhaustion of a different change of pace. It’s not about playing your best game one week and your worst the next, it is about consistency and putting in the work to have your best season yet.


1. Turn up each session

Staying consistent in season isn’t just about playing consistently each week, I am a big believer in how you train reflects how you play! Over the years I have developed a positive and strong mindset around my training habits and intensity. I aim to complete every training session on my schedule during the week (Court work, gym and recovery) and I TURN UP!

I am aware that each session I won’t feel 100%, however, I will challenge myself to train at my best. There is no point in “saving” yourself for game day. If I want to stay consistent I need to train consistently, so I turn up each session and crack in! Block out that outside noise and focus on your coaches feedback, your strengths and work hard.

2. It’s often the little things that go a big way

During preseason there is always a big focus on doing the little things right such as getting to training early to complete your pre-hab, making sure you’re fuelled right for the session and not cutting corners on your shuttle runs and completing every set on your gym program!

I always ensure I nail the little things because it’s the 1%ers you do every session and game that add up in the long run. It’s important to train yourself to do the little things you need to perform at your best. There is no point cutting corners and when it comes to staying consistent, you need to keep on top of the little things in the preseason and during the season!


3. Preparation and recovery

Consistent preparation & recovery = Consistent performance.

Two of the most important factors to getting the consistency you want. If you don’t have a preparation and recovery routine before and after training and games, you need to get on top of it now! For me, I need to make sure I am getting enough sleep, fueling my body right, getting in the ocean the morning after a game and completing my pre-hab to stay consistent. The amazingNETFITTERS are always messaging me, asking what I do for my recovery, and it’s simple: a dip in the ocean, yoga session and walk is my ideal way to recover!

4. Making sure you have “me” time

What you do away from your netball has a big big impact on your performance. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our games and trainings that it can overpower other important aspects of our lives. Remember to stay present when your hanging out with friends or family and allow time to do the things you love most.

5. Pump those tunes

Game day is the best day of the week, and now its even better! Listen on the @netfitnetball Spotify and pump yourself up before your warm up.


Combining all of those things will help you be the best version of yourself at netball. My 3 top tips that I love to go by are:

> Find Motivation

Grab a workout buddy to keep yourself accountable.

>Fight Pressure

Get out of your comfort zone and test yourself every week. Then when you hit the court you will be fitter, faster and stronger, both mentally and physically.

>Enjoy yourself

Keep reminding yourself to enjoy the challenge and keep a positive mindset.