The Trip of a Lifetime: 2022 NETFIT Noosa Tour

“The experience allowed me to realise who I aspire to be and how I will get there.”


After arriving home from the 2022 NETFIT Tour, four of our attendees took a moment to reflect on their time Noosa and how they have developed skills that will last them a lifetime.


Sienna Stokes @netfitsienna

The NETFIT Tour was a whirlwind of emotions and experiences squeezed into 9 days. I truly struggle to put into words how much every connection and experience meant to me. Every run, hike and chat I learnt how much I could give to every situation. As cliche as it sounds, the tour was life-changing. I found out my value to the people around me and learnt ways to continue to work on my purpose. I would strongly recommend the NETFIT tour to everyone.


Liv Davies @netfitliv

The NETFIT Tour completely took me out of my comfort zone and pushed me in ways I never thought possible. From meeting many new lifelong friends, running 7km at midnight, learning new drills and skills every day from the best mentors, learning more about nutrition and how to fuel my body as well as what my body needs to recover, hiking, swimming, cycling and so much more. I had to push harder than ever and believe in myself. With the support and encouragement from NETFIT, I found how capable I actually am. Not only did I become fitter, stronger and happier but I have also created a stronger mindset and bigger belief in myself.


Tahliah Harding @netfittahliah

I have learnt so much from only the small amount of time I was there. From how to prepare for game day, to just how to go into things with a clear/positive mindset. NETFIT tours is seriously one of the best things that has happened to me and I’m so grateful for this experience. I have made life long friendships and we now keep in touch everyday, supporting each other in our netball goals and life.


Tiana Bourne @netfit_tiana

Leading up to the tour I was extremely nervous and had reservations about taking part. I knew that it would be an amazing experience however, it was my own ability that I doubted. I believed I wouldn’t be as fast, fit, or strong as the other girls attending. This fear almost consumed me but as soon as we arrived, the doubts turned to excitement as I began to realise that this is where I belong. Coming together with like-minded people with similar passions allowed me to feel completely confident in myself and thrive in the activities that were created for us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the adventurous activities like the run-swim-run, midnight runs and the hike which pushed me physically and mentally. Overall, my highlight would have to be learning and connecting with myself on a deeper level. The NETFIT Tour experience allowed me to realise who I aspire to be and how I will get there. This program has sparked a new drive in me that wasn’t there before, and I can say that I have now seen my full potential in various aspects of life. This truly was a once in a lifetime experience that I loved and will cherish forever.


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