Busy by day, prepared by night.

By Sarah Wall

I’m a busy person by nature. In sport, work, life and personal wellbeing…I keep a really active and busy schedule, and I love it.  Being busy can often be seen in a derogatory or slightly negative light, however it fuels me to do more, see more, learn and experience more!

Now I’m not saying that it doesn’t come with its pitfalls, and the hardest thing about maintaining such a busy personal and professional life is that you can often be short of time. I feel that the positives of this life choice far outweigh the negatives, so I’ve learnt to adapt. A few of the things that I can often be caught short for time on are, coincidentally, a couple of my non-negotiables: My physical fitness and looking after my skin and body.

I stay at my sharpest and most confident when I’ve exercised each and every day. Getting that blood pumping, heart rate up and getting your muscles screaming take me to my happy place…the only pitfall of my constant craze to remain active is that I may sweat and lose “the look” that I started out the day with. So if I have been for a run, or a quick gym session I know that the QV Face Cleansing Wipes can immediately “tidy me up”, cleanse and refresh my face and have me ready for that next Zoom Meeting, social post or catch-up with friends. The QV Face Cleansing Wipes are such a non-negotiable for me and you’ll rarely see me without a packet close by…even if they are hiding in my car, bag, office desk or even in secret nooks at my home gym!

One of the major reasons that I am able to thrive in a busy environment comes down to my preparation. Whether that be ensuring I have everything where I need it (and quite often multiple versions!) and by doing the hard work of a night time. A good friend of mine, Laura Langman (who happens to be quite a handy netballer too), often says “do the work, and you get the treats!” It’s a line that I love, and one that I have also started to quote a little too often myself. However, it’s one that rings true when it comes to my skin, as it ties back to my preparation. Of an evening I’m often found wearing the QV Face Purifying Mask while making phone calls, or watching Netflix. The QV Face Purifying Mask helps revitalise and hydrate my skin before going to bed, leaving me to sleep soundly and wake up fresh in the mind, and feeling fantastic across my cheeks and forehead. It’s the “work” that I feel gives me the “treat” of having such healthy-feeling and glowing skin, providing me with the confidence to attack another busy day.

I thrive off the constant hum that exists in my life, and QV helps me be the best that I can be. Quality, convenient products that complement my active lifestyle.

What skincare “work” do you do that allows you to “get the treats”?