The 6 Truths About Starting a New Netball Season

Heading back to netball can be daunting. Whether you are returning to your team or starting at a new club, nerves often have a way of creeping into your body and your mind. Here are NETFIT’s 6 helpful truths about starting this 2023 season to help you have your best year of netball yet.
1. No matter what happens this season, it’s fix-able.

A bad game, a missed goal or a tough opponent, everything that is thrown your way is going to be challenging. But remember, “challenges are chances”, any mistake or challenge is fixable, through perseverance and courage. Don’t get knocked down by the topsy-turvy nature of this season, everything has a resolution, and nothing is permanent when you have a positive mindset.

2. One bad game does not equal a bad season.

Not everyone can play at 100% every single game, even the elite players. Take each game as a new learning opportunity, and understand one game does not suddenly define you as a player or a person. Understand your personal strengths and weaknesses as well as your teams and work towards your greater goals.

3. Understand the teams expectations and get clarity on your role. 

This helps when challenges arise to stay focused and think clearly. We can’t do everything on the court, so if you play your role in your position and focus on the feedback you have been given, everyone can work together and support each other in their self-expectations and the coaches.

4. Even if you are a senior player, you should never stop having fun at training and on game days.

Laughing and smiling helps us release endorphins at training and ultimately relax more into our position. Whatever team you play in, you should always try to have fun and remember why you chose to play the sport. Enjoy running freely, having fun with your teammates as it won’t last forever.

5. You chose to play a team sport for a reason!

Creating connections with your teammates off the court is just as important as the connections on the court. Make an effort to chat to new teammates, ones you aren’t close with. What do they do outside of netball? This will help you understand them more and become closer.

The most successful teams are often the closest, or most engaged. It doesn’t mean that you all have to be besties, however respect and effort with your team mates will help form a natural bond as a team…your friendships will grow as a result of that.

6. The energy you contribute helps define the positive experience around you!

Understanding you’re not going to rock up to training feeling bubbly, ready to go and happy every time. But learning how to switch off the outside noise and be 100% focused on your 2 hours at the netball courts can make a different of who your energy impacts. We feed off each others vibes, so being able to contribute focused and enthusiastic energy will do wonders for your teams overall performance.

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