2019 NETFIT Netball Clinics ‘A day in the life of an Elite Netballer’

NETFIT Netball took netball clinics to all new levels in 2019, with our ‘A day in the life of an Elite Netballer’ clinic brought to you by The Athlete’s Foot.

First and foremost, we focus on our positive mindset then tackle functional training, skill development healthy recipes to grow and learning to listen to our body. It’s our mission to give young netballer all over the world the tools and confidence to shine from within.

In 2019 with the help of Melbourne City Jeep The NETFIT team (and boots full of netballs and equipment) visited over 30 locations and travelled in excess of 34,000 km around Australia.

The NETFIT team drunk over 500 cups of coffee and ate almost that many bags of popcorn and tubs of Chobani and refreshed with Remedy!


In each state in Australia the NETFIT Netball Clinics had special appearances from elite netballers and coaches. Sarah Wall, Lisa Alexander, Kim Green, Laura Langman, Shelley O’Donnell, Taylah Davies, Mahalia Cassidy, Jamie Lee Price, Kate Beveridge, Nikala Smith, Keisha Grant, Stacey Francis, Steph Wood, Emily Keenan, Matilda McDonald, Amy Slinger, Nat Slinger, Sarahpheinnia Woulfe, Mwai Kumwenda just to name a few!


Our recovery rotation melted over 180 bags of ice and saw over 800 mins of little legs plunge into icy cold ice baths. Ice baths are a great way to reduce inflammation and improve recovery time by changing the way blood and other fluids flow through your body. When you sit in cold water, your blood vessels constrict; when you get out, they dilate (or open back up). This process helps flush away metabolic waste post-workout.

Masterchef was a hit with our participants, each team coming up with fancy creations, from acai bowls to mini pizzas and everything in between.

There were over 3000 shoelaces tied by The Athletes Foot in The Athlete’s Foot 30 minute education session focused on the importance of getting fitted for your position, identifying the correct netball shoe with tips from the Australian Diamonds Head Physiotherapist – Alanna Antcliff.



NETFIT Netball Clinics could not be the success they are without our major partner The Athlete’s Foot and you the amazing participants! The NETFIT team would like to thank all of your 2019 NETFITTERS as well as their parents, netball coaches, netball clubs and associations.

We would also like to do a shout out to Chobani and Remedy for providing products for our participants.

The NETFIT Team are super excited to see what the 2020 NETFIT Netball Clinics bring, and cannot wait to beak the above records.

2020 Clinic Locations Launching soon!!

Cannot wait for a clinic in your area? Contact us today to book one at your club or association.



  • Highly recommend NETFIT Clinics, my daughter had such a great day today. The NETFIT crew were so supportive and attentive, you guys rock!


  • Fantastic opportunity for young kids who love the game of netball. The skills and knowledge they now have after the clinic is amazing. The coaches are champions. Us Mums (coaches) got some great tips too. Keep up the great work, our girls will be at the next clinic.


  • As parent I have seen such an enormous benefit in attending such an event. These clinics are professionally run there was no shortness of enthusiasm which ‘rubbed off’ on the kids! My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and developed, not only physically and socially but also psychologically as she walked away displaying her pleasure at being involved in the activities. The activities are inclusive of all the children as no child is left on the sidelines, definitely worth the investment. You’re children and yourself will walk away feeling satisfied and accomplished, good one for the life bank.


  • My daughters attended the NETFIT clinic last week, the girls had the best day and they cannot wait for the next one. I want to say what an impact the day had on my youngest daughter. She had decided not to continue to play netball this year as last year she was in a team where she got the ball passed to her twice in the whole season. Thanks to the NETFIT clinic day it has instilled a passion in her for netball that we haven’t seen before. She is so confident and very keen to play next year. You don’t know how much this meant to my husband and I. Thank you to all the NETFIT Team as well as her team coach for the day who gave her the opportunity to shine.