What You Need To Know To Start The 8 Week Challenge

Congratulations to all the NETFITTERS who are starting the 8 Week Challenge on the 1st of December.

We’re so excited for you and want to support you and your team over the next 2 months. We’ve put together this guide to answer all of your questions so you can feel completely prepared and confident to start. 

Let’s do this NETFITTERS!



It all starts with your diary! 
Review your week in advance and lock in times your can complete the workout. For some NETFITTERS you may have other netball commitments so. This is your time to manage your load and replace some NETFIT workouts for your games.


As you can see, there is 5 workouts each week. Our program has been designed to be flexible and provide a wide variety of exercise types to give you a well-rounded schedule. Choose from HIIT, Cardio and Agility to get your heart pumping. We have everything you need for total body fitness for netball.

WHAT EQUIPMENT DO I NEED?Some of our workouts, in particular the strength workouts, require equipment. We recommend sourcing a couple of kettle bells and dumb bells to complete these exercises. You can find these super-cheap in lots of discount sporting and lifestyle stores (Kmart is great if you’re in Australia). If you’re just starting out, you could get a couple of light dumb bells (1-3kgs) and a moderate kettle bell (8-12kg). Of course, if you don’t want to buy these, you absolutely don’t have to. There are many household items you can use instead, for example soup cans or water bottles.

And don’t forget, you can take us with you to the gym. Just find a quiet space and make the most of the gym equipment to complete your workouts. If you don’t want to use your data to watch the videos, use the breakdowns instead!


NETFITTERS are unique. The goal of creating an account is to support our community by recording our own experiences throughout the challenge. You can add your own flare. You can get creative with the art you use, nutrition, quotes and fun workout insights. Don’t be afraid to try something new.
The key is to be yourself and never second guess what your goals are.
Find your passion in NETFIT and create your vlogs around that passion. 

If you’re not used to meal planning or cooking healthy recipes it can feel a little daunting to get started. To get the most out of the eating plan we do recommend sticking to this every day but of course the choice is ultimately up to you! It might be more achievable to shop and prep for 3-4 days of the week. Or perhaps you just want to make the dinners. Simply go to your Shopping List and remove the meals you don’t want to shop for.Our meal plan is designed to be balanced nutritious and affordable. Many of the pantry ingredients can be used over and over so once you start to stock up your kitchen with a few essentials you will find it even easier to shop and cook each week. You can even double the quantities of some of the recipes and make a larger meal that you can eat the next day or store in the freezer for another time.

HOW DO I STAY MOTIVATED? You’re not on your own NETFITTERS. We’re with you all the way. 

As apart of the Together We’re Stronger Challenge we encourage you to reach out to a friend to commit to the challenge together. You can reach out to another NETFITTER from our online NETFIT community where you can both check in with each other.

We have also created:

An accountability chart for you to print and tick off those boxes daily.
Weekly blogs for support that will hit your inbox.
Weekly competitions with QV products to win.

And join us in our private Facebook Community where you can connect with other NETFITTERS to ask questions and just generally hang out! 

After all, having likeminded people around you will help you stay accountable while working towards your goals.