What do a room of Japanese businessmen want to know about netball?

Why I took on this trip to Japan was because I want to get better. I want to feel sick in my stomach with fear because for me without that, there is no growth.

My heart rate was escalating. What do a room full of Japanese businessmen want to know about netball? 

I stood in front of the lectern, so prepared but I felt so out of my depth. Kinda like my first game of elite netball.

There was a translator ready to relay my presentation to the audience via an earpiece. The Victorian Government conducted training with our group to prepare us for this targeted style of delivery.

I was the only female presenter on the day, so that was another motivation for me to represent.

When my breath got short, I stopped and said to myself, Sarah, you are just speaking on behalf of our netfitters, get yourself together.

So I told them all about you.

I wanted them to know our NETFIT story. From a leadership academy to an APP.
That real friendship, development, growth, entertainment and real connection is all we want.

I told them what we do everyday to keep fit, happy and healthy together. From programs at schools to connecting on socials.

I told them how much we love netball and how we have created the opportunity to use our sport in the comfort of our own homes to get fit.

I told them we have netfitters in 23 different countries.

And how possible this same programs and community could work in other sports.

I spoke about the specificity in our fitness programs that prepare us for the high impact sport of netball and how important nutrition and the mental side to sport is.

I showed two videos in my presentation that incorporated all of our amazing partnerships and how they see value in supporting our community. They loved the pink Melbourne City Jeep!

I shared our new entry to netball program NETFIT GEN where we use a digital approach to connect and make our sport more relevant.

I sat down after the presentation and picked myself apart. It’s a natural thing to do. I am all for being honest with myself and thinking of ways I need to improve. But I have trained myself to take the learnings and let it go…. Quickly.

This trip has given me a lot of time to think about the importance of teamwork, innovation, focus and consistency. 

I choose to live my life to get better every single day. I promise myself not to take life too seriously because life is way to short.

Some days are hard. I have always believe if you want to achieve any goal and create a dream life, we must get prepared to feel a little bit uncomfortable. This is where I just take one step at a time.

We are complex beings who wake up every day and fight against the challenges of life.

When we are willing to risk throwing ourselves into the wilderness, we feel the deepest connection to our true self and to what matters the most. 

How we love the imperfect person we are.

I’m sharing this so you know you’re not alone and I am learning too.

Let’s keep sparking it up netfitters and trying our best together.