What July has to bring: Your horoscopes in focus

We all love connecting the dots. We are all often guilty in searching for a sense of purpose and direction. We as a species like to find meaning in this tsunami called life that rushes towards us – because sometimes, we like to see those waves coming. However, this idea of us seeking meaning is hardly new. Astrologers from 2,400 years ago looked to the skies to define what we should do now, later, and what breadcrumbs the past can leave behind.


Here is this month’s Netball-focused horoscope. Let’s see what the universe has in store for our Netfitters both on-court and in-training.



Aries (Players born between March 21 and April 19)

Your ambitious nature is a force to be reckoned with, giving you the courage and motivation to charge towards your goals that many people admire. Although, this strong determination to always be better, can lead to emotional or physical burnout that may not often get addressed. Over time, this can take a toll on your sense of self; you may take smaller steps forward than you used to. This month you should focus on yourself, and not in an improvement sense but a present sense. Self-care is extremely important for those of us that forget to stop and take a breath before running another lap. So try to take it easy and focus on how you feel now and looking back on your skills and achievements. Reflect on your actions and thoughts at a slower pace than you’re used to going, you will find when you get back into the rhythm you are much stronger than you were before.

Your Aries netball star is Laura Langman



Taurus (Players born between April 20 and May 20)

Your leisure is important to you. This does not make you any less of a fighter, but more so one that shoots their goals further away than most. July’s second week will bring you noise at volumes you’re not quite accustomed to, asking you for more energy and time that you will have to sacrifice. Late July also might take you by surprise. You may face an opportunity to let your voice be heard in a way that gives you a new rise, allowing you an opening to try new things and find the direction of your new potential. Don’t be afraid to switch things up on and off the court because if things go wrong – your mistakes make you stronger. You can always fill in the time gaps with those moments of quiet you love to enjoy.

Your Taurus netball star is Katrina Rore & Shelley O’Donnell



Gemini (Players born between May 21 to June 20)

As a Gemini, you find it difficult to be knocked over by the changes life throws at you. You’re adaptable and flexible, both physically and mentally. July will not stray away from this pattern but will give you time to re-evaluate how you want to spend time, money, and energy. Your wit can take you to places you never thought you would reach when you look back on your journey, so you should not struggle to organise how you want to order your priorities. Focus on what you push aside the most this month, you might find that you are actually better at doing things than thinking about doing them. Sometimes it’s better to dive straight in if you’re good at thinking fast. Get stuck into what you want and you’ll find the universe might catch you if you fall.

Your Gemini netball star is Catherine Cox.



Cancer (Players born between June 21 and July 22)

Comfort for cancers often all comes back to one thing: healthy relationships. You take a lot of joy in surrounding yourself with the people you know will be there for you within your team, providing a sense of safety that gives you a reason to think positive when things get tough on and off the court. Although you may seek emotional support, you always make sure you can lend a hand to anyone who may need the same – especially your closest friends. This month, you may notice this happening more frequently, and no doubt you will probably be quick to hand out your hugs and pep talks. Being caring is great, but it’s important to remember that giving everyone your all may not leave you with much for yourself. Stop and realise your efforts for others and learn to fight the negativity that may come with not being able to heal everyone else’s wounds. You’re only one person. What matters is that you can give what you can, not what you can’t.

Your Cancer netball stars are Irene van Dyk & Jhaniele Fowler



Leo (Players born between July 23 to August 22)

You find yourself achieving many of the goals you reach for. You’re determined and passionate, looking into all the ways you can do more, get more and train more. This is a powerful asset for you, although, this optimism can be threatening to some and may lead to people fighting your sense of freedom. This months focus is to use your confidence to find out which of your friends are good for you and which of them try to push you down. Individuals that don’t allow you to reach for the sky aren’t going to help much when you’re keen to achieve your best self. The friends that are worth it will admire and encourage your outgoing attitude to give you that little bit more of a boost (not that you need it!)

Your Leo netball star is Amy Parmenter



Virgo (Players born between August 23 to September 22)

Others don’t usually doubt your thoughts and understanding of things, but you do. You’re usually right though, and giving yourself a harsh lecture may cause inner conflict that isn’t necessary or productive. This month may come as a shock to you. Despite your extensive knowledge of things, at this point analysing your perspective may not be a bad idea. The way you look at your surroundings may be influenced by what you want to see, so doing a double-take is healthy. That’s as long as you don’t attack yourself if your prediction doesn’t line up with your answer. Forgiving yourself for mistakes permits you to dive deeper into correcting things, something you will likely enjoy anyway.

Your Virgo netball star is Tegan Philip



Libra (Players born between September 23 – October 22)

Your ability to cooperate with others is a strength that has (or will) take you to new avenues in life. Because of your love for making intricate social connections, you have likely won a place of popularity among people you are surrounded by. The attention that comes with a high reputation is often what people dream about (and you probably wouldn’t turn down more followers on Instagram) but having that influence can come with a price. It’s fair to feel jumbled about your status though, it’s a good idea to evaluate which people are going to challenge you and which people are truly worth occupying your thoughts. This July, grab yourself a broom to sweep out whatever is getting in your way; because clean-outs are a great way to make room for what matters.

Your Libra netball stars are Taylah Davies & Sarah Wall



Scorpio (Players born between October 23 to November 21)

You’re a deep thinker and for almost everyone else, that’s too much to handle. Emotional and committed, the way your ideas and motives topple expectations can seem too good to be true. Speaking your mind comes naturally to you, so much so that somebody is bound to question your logic or intentions. It’s easy to let this get to you and it’s important to keep driven through these stages. Negativity is often your biggest kryptonite, and if you so choose to slow down for others you could end up moving too far backwards. Emotional control is never easy but once you shove aside any self-doubt, the next place you will land is somewhere much better. Maybe your biggest wars are the ones that fit inside your head and now is time to notice your strength.

Your Scorpio netball star is Romelda Aiken



Sagittarius (Players born between November 22 to December 21)

Sharp intellect is a mighty tool for those who love going above and beyond, fueling your rocket further than what others expect of you. You probably have never thought the sky was your limit and that’s often propelled you to your targets. This month, you might have to decrease in speed even if it goes against your deeper values. Many things need your optimistic pat on the back, but sometimes noting the boundaries are what will move you back in the right lane. You will always have something to challenge. It’s good to remember that not every limit needs to be pushed, there are divisions out there that are more important to explore.

Your Sagittarius netball stars are Maddy Proud & Steph Wood.



Capricorn (Players born between December 22 to January 19)

You’re practical in every sense of the word and achieving your aims is more of a matter of “how” than “if”. You usually know what side of the fence things sit on, which gives you an intuitive awareness of where all the cogs of your environment fit in. You could take apart a game plan and put it back together again, but contrary to those structures you have built; relationships with others might not be as complicated as that. Forgiveness can be challenging for you, especially if a friend has gone against your good-natured predictions. While you likely stand your ground, (a valuable trait not everyone has), it is necessary to allow all parties to a fair trial. Moving forward is so often blocked by the wall of unforgiveness, so taking time to find different avenues might just be the refresh you and your relationships need. Losen your grip on any drama, maybe the solution is right there in front of you.

Your Capricorn netball stars are Jamie-Lee Price & Kate Eddy



Aquarius (Players born between January 20 to February 18)

You’re powerful, and the way you usually choose to use that power is to advocate for the progressive and caring movements you hold close. You also probably stand out from the crowd, which makes it even more appealing to you to be a giver in a world full of people who are just content with how things are. You may be in a place to deal out better circumstances to others so you find no issue in handing over something that could have cost you money, time, or practice. The ultimate team player.  You couldn’t put a tax on making the world better or easier for others, right? Well, if you press pause, the idealistic standards you may hold may not have to be the mould for everyone else. Yes, we want things to be greater – but some people need to feel what it’s like to graze their knees before they run better. Your generous nature may be taking advantage of you, leaving you with not enough pieces to complete your own puzzle; let alone anyone else’s. Reclaim your position and set yourself a standard to not let yourself be the only one putting in the effort, share the load instead of yourself.

 Your Aquarius netball star Sharelle McMahon & Rahni Samason



Pisces (Players born between February 19 – March 20)

You’re the quiet type of fantastic. You likely recognise the wonderfulness of your thoughts, getting lost in a daydream. Although you’re right about your imagination, you never really make the time to recognise the wonderfulness of yourself, right here. It’s easy to get confused between being confident in yourself and being confident that you like being inside your own head. Take a deep breath and apply yourself to things while fighting off the feelings of anxiety and fear of failure. Life can actually be whatever you make it.

Your Pisces netball star Jo Harten & Kim Green