Enhancing your netball performance doesn’t have to be complicated


Whether you’re a dedicated netball player, coach, or even supporter, you will certainly be familiar with the desire to improve. It’s an instinct that fuels people who outshine their past selves and overall, gives us a great sense of purpose. Not only is this great for sport, but it applies to all areas of life. It’s always common for me to see young netballers picturing their long-term goals and overall aspiration to be their best on court. I was definitely no exception to this and there is nothing I love more than when players set themselves clear, positive objectives.


Although, what many people don’t often speak about is the importance of smaller wins; the tinier targets which can often be more significant than those large overarching goals that self-help quotes tell us to reach for.



Mini-goals may include getting 15 minutes of a netball-related workout in your schedule, making sure to get enough sleep before game day, or simply writing down your favourite thing from today’s practice match. An accumulation of these short tasks can be all it takes to take on your bigger challenges, and what’s great about them is that they don’t over-complicate what can be a simple process.
Some of my favourite mini goals involve my passion for nutrition. When organizing food, a little extra thought put into your meal can actually be what makes or breaks today’s play. Although only a small improvement, maybe having more grams of protein post-game will benefit your muscle recovery enough for you to have the energy to shoot next weeks’ goal. Today I would love to share with you a mini-goal recopies for all the players who struggle with the runny-nose-headache ordeal around the years’ colder months. No one wants to play that way.
This immune-booster blend includes:


    • (1) Banana – Bananas are high in potassium, fibre, and vitamin B6. All of which work hard to strengthen your body’s immune system and remove the waste products from your cells.



  • (2 TBSP*) Water – By now you should know some of the magical affects of this common drink. It is found in all fruits but adding more will help both with your smoothie consistency and your body’s hydration.


    • Spinach – The sickness-preventing superfood that contains fibre and powerful vitamin C will help stop colds and flus from coming in and speed up when the colds and flus come out.



    • (1) Orange with peel – Oranges are the queens of vitamin C, giving your insides plenty of fuel to shorten sniffles and dull-down many symptoms of the cold and flu so you can get back into your routine sneeze-free.



  • (2 small/medium) Carrots – Carrots are master communicators. They do a fantastic job in telling vitamin A where and when you need more white blood cells: the primary infection fighters that track down anything harmful in your system. This can decrease disease duration and prevent worsening of symptoms so you can recover before experiencing the worst from the common cold.



All the above ingredients can be chopped and blended, giving you a juice to increase your body’s disease preventing productivity. If your drink is performing well, you might be too.