It’s not just your muscles that need a warmup: Here’s how to prep your face

Whether you love it, don’t mind it, or hate it – if you do decide to wear makeup, these little habits are important to make things easier for your skin and your foundation. Especially if you are new to the strange and wonderful world of adding an extra layer on your face, your pores are probably screaming for some TLC ahead of your beauty regime.

So before you get excited and go all-in with a brush or beauty blender, stop for a moment and think about how your cheeks might not love EstΓ©e Lauder covering any room they have to breathe. But hey, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it, it just means you need to provide a healthy base. Here’s how to prep your face if you’re going to wear makeup.


Detox from the dirt & excess oil.

You’re probably thinking, “I’m not dirty!”. Well, we all are to some degree. If you’re putting on some BB cream after a sweat session, it might be too late to stop the blackheads from invading your territory. Before and after sporting any kind of cover-up, whether you struggle with acne or not, you’re going to have to rinse before you repeat. It doesn’t have to be intense, so you can opt for a simple and gentle cleanser (such as QV’s gentle foaming cleanser or CeraVe’s hydrating cleanser) to keep your natural defence barrier in charge.

But why is this important? Without cleansing your skin before adding additional products, all you’ll be doing is sandwiching any toxins and dirt that live on the surface of your skin between a layer of foundation. You don’t want these nasties to think your face is free real estate.


Oily skin or a “hydrating” foundation doesn’t mean don’t moisturise.

We’re not here to tell you what to do, it’s important you do you. However, no matter your skin type, moisture is your skin’s best friend. You wouldn’t want to keep them apart, would you?

Moisturising doesn’t only fight extreme dryness or premature aging, many people don’t know that a light moisturiser (such as something for oily skin from QV or Simple) can also be used to combat the most extreme cases of oiliness. It also works to prevent many skin concerns all while making your makeup smoother for a fresher face.


Primer does what it’s told.

You can’t advise on how to prepare your skin for foundation and concealer without mentioning the desirable effects of a good primer. “I love to use the Napoleon Perdis Skin Primer before putting on my makeup and spray the MAC Setting Spray to set my makeup!” – Chloe Phillips.

Whenever you’re putting something that isn’t skincare on your face, spreading out a priming solution is likely your solution to any caking, creasing or moving that could happen throughout the day. Not only does it approve the appearance and the amount of product you use, but it is also a great finisher after moisturising to protect your precious pores.