It really is what you see on the postcards

It really is what you see on the postcards. I must say, I really didn’t think the Maldives could possibly be what we see 100% of the time. But it is.

The exotic, yet adventurous nature of this archipelago is evident as soon as we stepped out of the airport, where you walk onto a dock that has your quality resort speedboat “taxi” waiting for you to take you direct to your new island home. It was 10pm at night and I had Elle (my daughter) cuddled in close as I could as we speed off into the deep blue ocean to come across an island oasis, Bandos.

We were greeted with arrival drinks and a full run down of the services available to us before being taken by private buggy to our amazing beachside villa.

You go from a humid, tropical heat to a crisp and clean two-story villa with cosy interior design. Amazing balcony views, enormous king-sized bed and the best surprise is the bathroom…half under-cover, half out in the open with your own private garden, spa bath/tub and open-air shower. It was dark approaching the villa but the moon was bright enough to light the beautiful ocean, revealing it as being only 25metres from our front door. Ask for room 108, it’s in a fabulous location and feels like home.

The resort completely surpassed our expectations. The staff were amazing, the food is 10/10, the gardens, pathways and overall settings are breath taking and the facilities were very good. You want for absolutely nothing on this island that could easily be mistaken for heaven on earth.


The Maldives Bandos resort restaurants could and should easily be listed as 5-star. It caters for everyone: young, old, families, honeymooners and groups. The 5 restaurants are superb. If you want to be certain about your budget book half board, the buffet is magnificent. However, if you stay 6 nights on half board and eat in the a-la-carte restaurants twice there is not much difference in price between half board and eating a-la-carte every night.

The Maldives Bandos resort facilities

The facilities are first-class. The dive centre, the trailblazing first of its kind in the Maldives, is complemented by experienced, friendly staff who know all of the best spots in the region. Sharni completed her advanced level diving tour over 3 early morning trips. Bandos boasts one of 3 decompression chambers in the whole of the Maldives and ticks every box for dive enthusiasts.


Did we mention that Sharni was face-to-face with an enormous Tiger Shark…we all know she is wild, but even this had her heart pumping, and her hairs on end! To quote her though, “this was the greatest individual experience of my life.”


There is an amazing water sports centre lovely pool an quality football pitch well-equipped gym and first class tennis courts. For some of us, exercise is an important part of our daily lives. And we often worry about not being able to follow our workout routines when we travel. The Bandos Gym is an ultimate wellness experience. Floor-to-ceiling windows, full-length mirrors, surround-sound audio system and advanced fitness equipment, perfect for travelling athletes and anyone who loves new fitness environments.


We tried the spa and it was one of the best treatments ever. The best thing about the Maldives Bandos resort is the staff. They are really professional and very friendly. It is clear Bandos looks after their staff. Many have worked at the resort for many years. The staff accommodation looked very generous and facilities for the staff were excellent. The professional all-weather football pitch was built for the staff. Which says it all.

Elle loved the Kokko Club. Located within the Clubhouse, Kokko Club offers playing and learning activities. There is outside play equipment like mini house, slides, swing and a mini football pitch. And take a break from the heat with inside air conditions play areas with fun toys and arts and craft.


I could go on forever and will be counting the days that I return to one of the greatest places and experiences that I have ever experienced. – Sarah Wall