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What are the best ASICS Netball Shoes for different types of netballers?

The high demands of the cross court movement place quite the demand on players’ lower legs, ankles and feet as well as all of these delicate tendons and muscles in there too. As you know, the many multi-directional changes required during a netball match sees players constantly jumping, changing direction and exploding off the mark. With this force constantly being put on your lateral joints, you need specialist support to protect yourself and get the best out of your game which running shoes aren’t designed to handle or deliver. The stability required in a netball shoe is extremely important to keep your foot stable on the midsole and outsole to help you play at your best and assist in the prevention of injury.


Ideal for a player looking for that feel of a super lightweight running shoe, with increased forefoot flexion, and the added benefit of being much more supportive to the game of netball than a running shoe. The lightest shoe in the ASICS Netball range!


ASICS have brought to this new model a higher heel drop of 15mm to give additional heel cushioning and in the forefoot we have introduced the unique netball forefoot flex of the X-groove in the outsole. Available in both LO cut and MID TOP (MT) upper versions.’


The newest edition to the ASICS Netball range, the NETBURNER™ SHIELD FF is ideal for the ultimate support and stability on court when attacking and defending. Incorporating footwear features that were identified by the University of Melbourne research, the midsole design combines a lower 7mm heel drop with a Tri-Density midsole including DUOMAX™ technology to help reduce the load on the knee during dynamic movement.

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