5 best tips to keep healthy on holidays

By Dietitian Jess Spendlove


The Christmas Holidays are here! Yay – friends, family, food and fun. This time of year should be enjoyed and with these five tips will help keep this holiday period healthy.


1. Pack snacks

Heading out for the day? It can be easy to be on the go and forget about eating, and then all of a sudden you are starving! If you are heading out for the day, taking a snack with you to bridge the gap between meals can help keep energy levels high, hunger at bay, and help you.


Aim to include either a fruit or vegetable with each snack e.g. Greek yoghurt with berries or carrots dipped in hummus are great snacks to include colour in your diet.


Snacking on a hard-boiled egg is a perfectly portion-controlled snack. Research shows that eggs will fill you up more than a starchy breakfast, and people who eat eggs at breakfast may eat fewer calories throughout the day.

2. Christmas is one day

Christmas is the 25th of December, it is one day. It isn’t one week and it isn’t the whole month of December. Eat all the things on Christmas day, but once the day is over, get back to your usual routine.

Have a wonderful Holiday period Netfitters! Can’t wait to share all the awesome nutrition content with you in 2022.

3. Stay on top of your hydration

When our routine changes it can be easy to forget about some of our daily habits, like regular water intake. No matter what you are doing, have a water bottle with you so you can sip, sip, sip across the day.


4. Keep moving

No matter what you are doing – staying at home, travelling, exploring new areas, keeping active is important to help you stay healthy.


5. All the colours

Keeping up your fruit and vegetable intake will ensure you are getting all your essential micronutrients, balancing the overall energy of your meals, eating the foods which help keep us healthy and overall satisfied.

To help reach the recommended serves of fruit and vegetables, aim to fill at least half your plate at main meals with vegetables.