4 new netball hairstyles you need to try for game day

Bored of that slick pony you keep doing every game day? Here are 5 new styles to try for the rest of your season!


1. The Hidden Braid

Nothing is worse than loose hair sticking to your neck sweat. A braided pony is not only going to look cute in those back netball shots, but also practical. It helps keep short or layered hair off your sweaty face so you can focus on getting that winning intercept.


2. Braided Pigtails

The classic two-braid style is the cutest for team flicks if you want to match with teammates. You can do french or dutch and switch it up each week! Bonus points if you want to add your team colours ribbons on each side.


3. The Fishtale

If you’re sick of regular braids, the fishtale braid is a must! A hard braid to learn but easy to master, practise on your teammates or friends and nail your game-day look. You may need a youtube tutorial and a few google searches but this one is a keeper.


4. TheΒ  *Messy*Β  Bun

The messy bun is just an illusion, it looks messy but you’ve sprayed plenty of hairspray, added bobby pins and used 3 hair ties to get it back. This makes you look effortless as well as keeping all the hair out of your face. If you have lots of baby hairs like myself, add in a headband for that extra sleek look.


By Jasmine Daniels

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