Tired before netball training? 6 tips to boost your energy

Do you feel fatigued after a long day and are always tired heading to netball training?
Quick tip…it all starts days before you feel like you’ve hit that proverbial wall. Don’t fear though, because we’ve got all the info on how to help boost your energy before training, helping you bring high vibes with an energy-ready body to smash your session.
Proudly brought to you by NETFIT Dietician Jess Spendlove.


1. The Pre-Training Meal

Nutrition has a huge influence when it comes to your energy levels before and during a session.

For example, if you train in the afternoon, ideally, you would have a pre-training meal approximately 4 hours before your session. This may be your school lunch, work break or at-home meal.

This meal should have a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, colours and healthy fats, which I regularly refer to as ‘all the elements’.

Some examples of a pre-training meal include:

  • Chicken salad & avocado wrap
  • Burrito bowl
  • Sushi rolls
  • Poke bowl
  • Tuna and salad sandwich

2. The Pre-Training Snack

The pre-training fuelling framework should also include a snack 1-2 hours before your session. This would ideally be your after school snack, on the drive home from work or at-home snack.

This snack helps top up essential nutrients like carbohydrates which also help boost your energy. Having some protein here is also vital as it helps manage your appetite as you never want to turn up feeling hungry to training!

Some examples of a pre-training snack include:

  • A yoghurt pouch
  • A piece of fruit
  • Muesli bar
  • Sushi roll
  • Toast with banana & peanut butter
  • Smoothie

3. The Pre-training Primer

Having a pre-training primer is a great way to give your body and brain a boost of fuel before you train.

The primer should be consumed less than an hour before the session and be medium to high GI carbohydrates like  This can be on your way to training or right before you leave to give yourself enough time to digest the food.

These are the foods you may also have close to a game or on a tournament day, so it is good to practice them in a training session, and you will get the added benefit of boosting your energy!

Some examples of a pre-training snack include:

  • Half a piece of fruit
  • A handful of dried fruit
  • Pretzels
  • Rice crackers
  • A few lolly snakes

4. Water is your best friend!

More than 50% of your body is water, so being dehydrated can influence every function, including your energy levels. Drinking water regularly across the day is essential to feel energised and focused.

You should always have a water bottle with you before and during training and drink from it! Aim to drink at least 1L every day. Set a goal to have a few sips every hour, and even put a reminder on your phone if you need to!


5. Glorious Sleep

While food and hydration are two significant factors, it is essential to get enough good quality sleep. Part of this might be creating a night routine or putting your phone away after a specific time so you aren’t up too late. Sleep is essential to how we recover and our overall energy levels.


6. Recovery time

Last but certainly not least is ensuring you have recovery time in your week. If you’re a busy bee doing lots of things and not allowing your body to recover, that could be a big reason your energy levels are low before training if you are nailing all of the above points.

Allow rest days and time alone to recharge your social batteries. Allow time with electronics in your downtime as your brain is still working hard looking at your phone or your TV.


Choose 1 or 2 of these tips and start there! It’s not about changing everything. It’s about selecting which pieces to the puzzle work for you.

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