A message from Sarah – the new .com

Today was not just a website launch for NETFIT, it was the launch of our purpose statement, our existence of being and the culmination of years of handwork, belief and refining everything it is that we do.


Firstly—our incredible team of game changers. Thank you for your clever minds and continued passion to help create change for our sport and young women in business and society.


I fell in love with NETFIT as a means of curing my broken heart, in 2012, when I thought my career was over. My whole life had been geared towards living, breathing and dreaming of an elite career with every ounce of energy dedicated towards achieving that. I was finished; mentally and spiritually and felt I’d hit rock bottom. In reality and with the benefit of hindsight, it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to me as I started taking care of myself, instead of caring about what success meant on the court. From that day on, I saw life through a different lens and had a goal to create my own freedom and sense of inner-worth, showing others how they could do the same if they believed.


I wanted NETFIT to be for everyone, regardless of age, ability, beliefs or backgrounds. We exist for you. I want followers who stay loyal to know that we treasure them and also those who un-follow or distance themselves in favour of a new trend. We will always be here, you can drop in and out when you need as long as you know you’ll be embraced on your return. Kids at clinics, our amazing supporters at schools, home state, interstate, overseas. We are here! You always will have a safe place to call home in NETFIT. That why I started it and that is why we are still here today.


But what’s different between then and now? No difference, we’re just growing…we’re investing more back into the brand and we are striving to constantly create opportunities for others to be involved. You can work, play, support, volunteer, contribute, partner, like, follow, comment, share and innovate with us. We need you and we welcome you all and will be sure that we find a way to hear your voice, so we can help this tidal wave of change roll through our game and women’s sport.


I am so proud that we have created opportunities and lifestyles for our team, allowing them to grow and build out their own futures, big or small, under our umbrella. I point to our growth in NSW and the revolution that is Tay Davies, the opportunities presenting through Europe and our soon-to-be-launched foray into New Zealand and the Pacific. We have a Digital Marketing plan centred around humour, entertainment and research based programming, all lead by our newest team member – Jaz Daniels. Jaz’s appointment to our team is a source of great pride to our team, as she has been with us as a follower, supporter, volunteer, coach and creator from nearly the beginning of her netball years, graduating through each element of our organisation. Hard work, belief, ambition and commitment…that’s what is allowing us to forge ahead.


For a long time NETFIT was a hobby that had no real strategy apart from the more we grew the more we could create opportunities and funds to share. Now I don’t shy away from our vision, I share it. Loudly. We are in this with our eyes wide open – with some of our greatest work, already completed and ready to be showcased soon….(in another sport, but all with the same vision, care and love in mind.)


We’re here to stay and we are open for business. If you want to collab, help, laugh, live and play alongside us…wherever you are, we are listening, we want to hear your story and we want to work with you.


Thank you for being on this journey with us, in whatever big or small way, it has helped make us. Without you, it wouldn’t exist.