Is social netball the new dating scene?

Swiping right might not get you very far, figuratively and literally. We will give credit where it is due to those lucky enough to find their soulmate through matchmaking or, heck, on the odd chance, even Amazon reviews. But since the world has hit pause on our dating lives, a lot of socialites are now sitting in silence and waiting for their time to come. Now, with all that’s going on, the most we’ll get to mingle is with our Uber driver on the way home from our vaccination. Great, now we’re questioning our interactions with others with a sore arm.

While we are getting more freedom, slowly, getting back into our old face-to-face lives, we might need a little rehab, or “free-hab”. Social sports could just be the silver lining for all the athletic extroverts out there. Just try to remember when you make weird faces without a mask on, people can actually see you now.

What is social netball? Is this different from normal netball? And how can it help me get the super fantastic date of my dreams?

All valid questions my dear NETFITTER! I’m here to help, but I want to challenge you – make sure you set your goals high.


1. Actually meeting people

First off, social netball diverts from general, structured netball for a few reasons that you might like to hear. It’s more casual and laid-back. It’s called a social sport for a reason as it encourages team chatter, and its overall intention is to give players a sense of community. Everyone wants to feel belonging, it’s actually essential for our well-being. Touching elbows with your social netball team might just give you that fix with a bonus, getting to enjoy the game you love with less stress.


2. No discrimination

What’s more, is that social netball groups are often all-inclusive. This means genders are not a barrier for all our male players out there, regardless of sex, you get the opportunity to meet all kinds of personalities and maybe even pair off with your preference! There’s no reason you could be excluded – and joining such a group is only a Google search away…


3. Finding like-minded connections

But what about if you start talking to someone, then find out they don’t like dogs? (and this just before you were going to introduce them to your two sons, Spot and Fluffy.) We can’t predict their questionable views on pets for you, but there is a guarantee you will find others that are like you in one way or another. If you and this partner-to-be are both attending the same netball game, of course, you will find that 2/2 of you enjoy the sport you’re participating in. This could even lead to you pursuing similar lifestyles to keep yourself healthy and determined in your downtime such as completing the NETFIT App workouts (that’s us, by the way. We’re cool.) If you find a hard time finding someone to get to know that actually “gets” you, there is no better place to find them than exactly where you go to pursue your hobby or passion.