3 Reasons Why Strength Training Works For Netballers?

1. Strength Training Can Bolster Weak Joints And Crush Pain
Anyone with weak knees knows that it can be painful and exhausting. Asphalt Courts? Iā€™d rather not. Doing even a few lower body strength training exercises for 15 minutes daily has the ability to completely change that.
Muscle mass around the joints takes the pressure off your body which will lead to less jarring, especially on the knees.
2. Your Body Works Hard Even After You’ve Stopped Strength Training
The more muscle you have, the more body weight you burn at resting heart rate. In other words, if you work with weights, or use your own body weight for strength, your body keeps on working even after you’ve stopped lifting.
Clever, right?
3. Strength Training Will Give you power on court
Ditch the notion that strength training will make you beefy – it won’t. It will make you powerful! Do you want to get up for those rebounds?, Well it’s strength training that’ll give you the power, especially if you stick at it.
The NETFIT strength training results in improvements in the ability to produce force rapidly for both the quadriceps and hamstring and this had carryover to jumping performance.
Don’t be scared of the word muscle. You’ll feel tighter, stronger and we promise you will see the difference on court.