The Moment we knew it was time to step it up!

We have been working at building an app that consists of not just fitness, strength, wellness and kids sessions but also a platform with a  huge focus on our coaches and addressing some of their modern day concerns.

We started the NETFIT app to make sure all of our coaches had an abundance of drills and session plans so that no coach felt like they were under prepared for a session.

We knew we wanted to build out our coaching sessions and target something a little different for our app rebuild… so we went to our most trusted confidants… Our COACHES!

We held a NETFIT Coach Club chat with coaches from a variety of experience levels. From new parents who have just started coaching to the elite masters in Julie Fitzgerald, Lisa Alexander and Jane Searle. The aim of the night was for all of our coaches to see our vision at NETFIT, however the NETFIT team also went in to the chat with a heavy focus on listening to the coaches currently on the frontline. Whether that be from the best in the biz, to pathway coaches or grassroots mentors we all listened, laughed and learnt from each other hearing some of the “OH NO” moments that they have each experienced. From that mid-winter evening… Coach Moments was born!

Coach Moments is a program that helps all coaches from the grassroots level up to identify the issues on court, and how to manage the emotional rollercoaster that is coaching a netball team. We identify the common “OH NO’s”, leading in to how we can “FIX IT” and the moment when you can say “AHA”….when your team nails the “FIX” on court.

Throughout the next 6 weeks, I will be taking you through some of the coaching moments that were raised on our NETFIT Coach Club and will also be hoping to hear from some of you, about your very own moments and how we can help you in future series of the Coach Moments.

Episode 1 – The wall that never ends. How do I break it?

Episode 2 – The team is too fast – How do I slow down a fast break?

Episode 3 – How to score in 10secs

Episode 4 – When goalers collide

Episode 5 – Baseline woes

Episode 6 – The slow feed

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