The best ways to stay active these summer holidays

Are you heading away on holiday, disrupting your normal routine and finding yourself worried you’ll lose your current pre-season progress? Travelling doesn’t have to interrupt your healthy habits. No matter if you’re away for a month or a few days, it’s important to establish a mini routine before leaving for your trip.

1. Pack your favourite workout outfits

There’s nothing better than the “look good – feel good mentality” because it really does work. Pack your comfiest shoes and your favourite workout outfit to motivate you for your holiday workout. You might even want to snap a post-workout selfie in your new location!

2. Check local events

Before you head away, check online if there are fitness events, programs or pop ups from brands free for the public join. This can be a great way to commit to a workout with other travellers or locals, as well as bring your family and friends on your holiday in on the fun!

3. Choose your way

A great way to incorporate fitness into a holiday is to opt to walk to different locations. This can help you stay active and keep the heart rate up, whilst getting to know your vacay location! Another option is to choose activities that include exercises such as hikes, swimming, and bike rides – all make a perfect way to explore on your holiday. If you’re lost on what to do, you can head to The NETFIT App and choose from over 400 fitness videos, or listen to a podcast run session you can find on Spotify or Podcasts!

4. Pick the right time

Although on holidays some of us like to go with the flow, it can help to plan your workouts around your activities or events to make sure you can maximise your day. If you’re up early for a breakfast, go with an afternoon session. If you’re doing an all-day activity, start your day a bit earlier with a morning walk. You’ll feel accomplished and feel you can commit to this knowing you can enjoy other parts of your holiday.

Most importantly, have that extra dinner, drink or relax by the pool – don’t limit yourself and what you feel like on holidays. Enjoy your time, practise gratitude and be proud of how far you’ve come.

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