The 7 things all netballers need to hear this pre-season

When driving past your old netball court you may be thinking, Ouch! The thought of getting back to the game or back running seems so out of reach. Just remember, you’re never alone. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.


1. Establish a routine

Starting our new Court2Couch training plan you will have everything simply set out. Set aside 30 mins, three days a week for your runs and try to make it a habit. We have created 3 levels for our players to feel comfortable and to prepare to get back to court. You can choose from Get Started, Intermediate and Advanced and we encourage our players to move from different levels where they see fit! 

2. Buddy up

Training with other people makes it far easier. You could get your whole netball team involved. You’re making a commitment not only to yourself but to them too and that means you’re less likely to break it.

3. Track your progress

Keeping a log of your runs can help motivate you. On days when you feel like giving up, you can look back at those early runs and see how far you’ve come. Quick tip…You can use the NETFIT App (Calendar function) to note your runs which you can access later to view. 

4. Reward yourself

When you reach your goal, give yourself a treat. A new pair of running shoes, a spa day or a night out with friends. Promise yourself a treat when you reach your goal, but don’t restrict yourself weekly. Enjoy working out as apart of your everyday lifestyle to enjoy everything more knowing you’ve put in the hard work. 

5. Recovery

As well as running, it’s a good idea to start doing some strengthening exercises one-two days per week. In our Prehab video included in the program, you only need 14mins. Yoga and pilates count or you can find plenty of workouts to follow on the NETFIT app.

6. Listen to your body

Sometimes your body needs a rest day. It may be that you’re coming down with a cold or have a niggle in your leg, so listen to it. It’s not being lazy, it’s often being sensible. Pushing through pain or when you’re unwell will only lead to more time off further down the line. Enjoy it.

7. Make your exercise fun

You just need to find what makes it fun for you. Maybe it’s running with friends, maybe it’s doing it solo. Maybe it’s early morning, or perhaps at night. If you want to stop and walk for a bit or take a picture – do it. There are no rules, just do whatever makes you enjoy exercise and honour your body!

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