Slay with Tay for a Day!

Slay with Tay wasn’t built to be a hard session, I made it to bring some fun to our training!

I have always enjoyed HIIT training, it is a great way to get the heart rate up quick, allow you to work under fatigue and put a strong focus on improving skills when you’re tired to put yourself in game-like scenarios of being exhausted on court and still efficiently passing strong feeds.

I always get asked what my days look like and how I balance a busy day?

Well, here is what you need to know about Slaying with me for a day….


Yes that’s right, I am a morning person (as you would know from my Instagram stories). I LOVE waking up early and starting my day by moving my body. Ever since I was little I would JUMP out of bed early and ready to go, mum and loved this, haha.

For me, if I get my training done early, I am all set and ready for my day ahead. This does not mean you have to do this too! Everyone is different and make sure you train whenever suits you best!


COFFE fix!

I don’t know about anyone else but the minute I open my eyes in the morning, I am already thinking about my coffee! This is my motivation and little reward after moving my body. I head to my favourite café, grab my almond latte and head home to get my overnight oats out of the fridge and enjoy my breakfast.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day!


NETFIT time!

I head to NETFIT NSW HQ and get ready for a fun day!

My day is usually filled with meetings with the team, filming exciting new content, planning NETFIT NSW at our schools, clubs and clinics and of course hanging out with Bron and Kim is always a highlight!

During my day I make sure I sip my water and aim to drink at least two of my water bottles throughout the day! If you are someone who struggling keeping on top of their water, try setting an alarm every 30 minutes to remind you to hydrate and to also take a moment to step away from your computer screen. This has been a lifesaver for me!


Time to jump in the car and drive out to our Giants AFLW training session.

I pump the tunes the whole way out to training and I am obsessed with our week 1 simmer playlist on Spotify! If you haven’t listened yet, make sure you check it out!

During my drive out, I also use this time to re-fuel and get my pre-training snack in.

I am LOVING our bliss ball recipe, have you tried it yet?


Footy boots are on and I hit the field with the girls for our skills and conditioning. We also head in to the gym afterwards for our strength program!

As you can see I am currently following our Giants AFLW program alongside our Simmer program.

I plan each week to ensure I am not over training, being smart with my training load and I always listen to my body. If I ever feel like I need a sleep-in or a morning off, I will make sure this is a priority.

Tay’s Tip: LISTEN to your body!

It is okay if you need to go for a 15 minute walk instead of smashing out a Slay with Tay that you had planned. Simmer is about taking a breath and being in the moment.


Home for dinner and sleep!

It’s been a big day so it’s time to tuck in to my dinner (My favourite is Tamari Salmon), check out my socials and see how our NETFITTERS enjoyed their Simmer workouts today, reply to messages and check-in with our community.

I also make sure I get my overnight oats in the fridge and pack my bag and food for the next day.

Then it’s my down time.

Switching off and slowing down is something I have always struggled with, especially after a hectic day! To help with this I have a little routine that I stick to.

I put my salt lamp on, fill my diffuser with lavender and calming oils and let the beautiful aromas fill my room. I then tuck in to bed and listen to either our mind time or some nice calming music, I write down anything that I am worried about and my to-do list for tomorrow.

Tay’s TIP: Place a notepad and pen next to your bed, if you can’t sleep because you are thinking of everything you need to get done tomorrow, write them all down and tell yourself you will get it done tomorrow, thank me later 😉

I am so excited to take you all through not only a day of what I do with training, but a whole week! If you aren’t following my week on the Advanced level, we have still provided you schedules and planners for your week if you were doing beginner, or intermediate too!

Don’t forget, you can always change your sessions around based off your plans and week!

Don’t forget why you’re doing what you’re doing and that YOU are always inspiring us!

Tay x