Pick your own 15-minute program to start creating healthy habits

To our greatest supporters, the NETFIT Members. Welcome to our new SIMMER Challenge, where we are asking you to “SIMMER” with us for 15 minutes a day over the next 6 weeks.

I have been bubbling with excitement over the past few weeks as the team and I have been gradually brought Simmer to life. The Simmer challenge is all about being in the moment, not thinking too far ahead and feeling under control. Through this crazy year, we’ve all been tested physically and mentally and the thought of trying to take back some control over the uncontrollable has been overwhelming at times. So through Simmer we’ve decided to simplify things, create small wins and wrestle back the momentum our way! We designed Simmer for all different fitness levels, with the central focus being on moving your body for at least 15 minutes.

Before we get started, it’s time to choose what level program you will be following, keeping in mind this can change as you Simmer through the challenge.



Our beginner program is perfect for anyone who is new to a training regime or someone who is dusting the cobwebs off their netball shoes to someone who just wants to move their body and feel better. We will be moving for 15 minutes each session with the aim of boosting your mood and getting the good endorphins pumping through the body!

Beginner week one schedule


Tuesday: LIIT

Wednesday: WALK

Thursday: Optional: RUN CLUB


Saturday: WALK




Do you want to step up your training program? Do you love training at a higher intensity and do you want to Simmer just out of your comfort zone? Our intermediate program might be just right for you!

Staying with the 15 minute sessions, we want to elevate your heart rate a touch more, test your resilience and strengthen your body and mind. There are 4 sessions each week to follow and don’t forget to join the Strava ‘Simmer Run Club’ to track your progress.

Intermediate week one schedule


Tuesday: HIIT – SLAY

Wednesday: WALK

Thursday: RUN CLUB


Saturday: WALK




Are you up for the challenge? Are you someone that takes your training to another level, or wants to? Our advanced program is about stepping up, taking your training to the next level and embracing the challenge. We are asking you to Simmer through 6 sessions per week, giving you a taste of training at the elite level.

Advanced week one schedule


Tuesday: HIIT – SLAY


Thursday: PILATES

Friday:  RUN CLUB

Saturday: HIIT – SLAY

Sunday: LIIT (recovery)


Tay’s tip for week one

This week is about living in the moment.

For me, whenever I start a new training program I make sure I write my week out that includes my work, social life and training sessions I want to complete. This helps me to plan and structure the week ahead to allow myself to really embrace be present each day as I know I have planned what is ahead.

(Slay with) Tay X

*** I’ll be doing Advanced for Week 1 and hope that some of you might choose to join me. No matter what your journey through Simmer is, be sure to engage with me throughout the Challenge and ask for any advice!