NETFIT Netball announce a new partnership with BOOB ARMOUR.

NETFIT Netball are excited to announce a new partnership with Australian-owned and operated, BOOB ARMOUR.

Boob Armour is designed to protect breasts and prevent injury in women and girls playing impact sports helping athlete’s move with the confidence to play, work and live freely by alleviating breast impact and preventing injury.

Founder & Owner Suzie Betts created Boob Armour® to give women and girls the protection they need to prevent breast trauma now and into the future. Inspired by her own experience and extensive medical research, Betts found that female breast protection was overwhelmingly ignored in contact sports. Breast impact happens in all contact sports and at all levels of play and, just like mouth and shin guards, we aim to make breast protection the new norm in all contact, impact and ball sports.

Suzie is eager to partner with NETFIT and the digital community “As a growing space digitally and personally for players to grow their love of netball, NETFIT Netball is the perfect fit for BOOB ARMOUR.”

“We are delighted to be partnering with Boob Armour who share the same visions and values that we do.” Said NETFIT Founder & CEO Sarah Wall on the launch of the partnership. We are excited to embrace the Boob Armour brand messaging that aligns so strongly to their “the most confidence you” message.”

Our goal at NETFIT is to encourage movement, no matter what this looks like. We want it unashamed, simple, advanced, at home, with others – and sport specific. Overall, what is important to us? Growing our members confidence again – even if it’s one step at a time.

With the Campaign and content pieces dropping from the 4th January through the remainder of the year, there will also be monthly prizes up for grabs amongst the NETFIT Community and continued opportunities to show how all netballers can be their most confidence selves.

By including the brand messaging through our Couch2Court 2023 series, we want to encourage our community to be comfortable and confident to take on challenges and enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of all players.

Whether you’re chest marking less to prevent breast knocks and bumps or just avoiding tackles to shield yourself, your breasts shouldn’t hold you back. Boob Armour® is the breast protection that will get you feeling like the invincible athlete or professional you really are.

BOOB ARMOUR consists of inserts made from soft but strong polyethylene just two millimetres thick. They extend around the underarm for added protection, stabilise the breasts into position, and can be easily inserted in a sports bra.

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