Netball Australia and NETFIT Unite To Deliver Free Online Netball Sessions

The partnership recently announced by NETFIT Netball and Netball Australia is our only solution in a sporting landscape given the current pandemic facing our community. The nation and our sport has been brought to a standstill in the wake of a raft of recent restrictions imposed by the government, which while we support, left our team thinking how do we mobilise the 1.2 million registered netballers in Australia and 20 million globally?

Netball holds a strong place in the heart of our country with the catch-cry of “here if you need” commonplace on the court but also in jest amongst family, friends or colleagues. Casual ribbing aside the “here if you need” mantra stands as something strong to the Netball Community and we felt that our netballer’s needed their sport to stand tall for them in such an uncertain time and that is why NETFIT is so proud to be joining with Netball Australia to roll-out this digital programme. Since netball’s inception into the sporting landscape of Australia in 1891 we have very rarely seen our game taken away from us, however through this digital offering, now it doesn’t need to be.


The health risks though are very real as are the financial implications and emotional strain imposed on a number of businesses and families which has the ability to affect the children surrounding them. Being forced in-doors, away from their friends and with their structure removed, we felt that our netballing community were at risk of losing their balance. Amid all of the uncertainty that we are facing the free online NETFIT all-day clinics were borne in an effort to balance the mind, body and soul through physical and mental stimulus and a sense of reconnection to the netballing community. Education and community engagement, along with the physical and mental well-being of our netballers was at the forefront of our minds when developing this detailed digital clinic which deliver’s our regular group clinics in a live virtual experience for our players in the safety of their own homes.


Why should we take away their professional development and sense of belonging to a team, when we have an easy-access platform to educate them through? Society these days is largely lived through our focus on a screen. The NETFIT webcasting software makes keeping active possible, anytime, anywhere and we’re so pleased that it has the flexibility to reach such a broad audience. The 3-day a week free full-scale digital classes run from 9am-3pm rolled out by our sports best to deliver fitness workouts, nutritional courses, mindfulness and meditation workshops, professional recovery tips plus so many other benefits.

Community netball is the backbone of our vision and their continued engagement with what we do as a sport has driven us to constantly innovate. NETFIT and Netball Australia together chose to act swiftly to ensure that the momentum created through so many of the brilliant netballing clubs and leagues in the lead-up to the regular season wasn’t completely brought to a halt. We feel that this asset will help our sport hit the ground running once we’ve got clear air from COVID-19 and government clearance.

We implore all young netballers and actually any person crying out for a physical or mental workout to join us in becoming active because together we’re stronger and through adversity resilience and determination is found. While our netballers can’t high-five each other to drive their team mates on through these workouts we hope that they are all completed a smile and endorsed through an emoji because over the next six weeks that’s what we shall measure our success on.


CEO & Founder

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