Make Pilates As Simple As Your A,B,C’s

Pilates has been a huge part of my training plan since playing with the Giants in 2017.
It’s such a great way of achieving balance, head to toe strength, core endurance, and coordination.
You would see me doing my 20min pilates routine court-side before trainings and games to activate my glutes.
And it’s also a regular activity I do while watching TV.

If you are new to Pilates, I know that it can feel a bit overwhelming, with so many things to think about in terms of how you are moving!


So, in this Blog, I thought I would share my A, B, C’s Key Pilates Areas that help to form the building blocks to more ideal posture, and better movement through Pilates.

Remember if you are ever in doubt, it can be invaluable to check in with a relevant health professional such as a Physiotherapist, who can check your technique and offer you individualised support in your training.

1. Alignment

Before you get started with your exercise, whether you are lying on your back, or standing up, think about finding a ‘neutral’ spinal.
Neutral alignment should feel relaxed, not forced or strained.
Taking the time to correctly set up body alignment before moving your body.
Keep your head high, chin in and shoulder blades slightly pinched together.
Maintain the natural arch of your lower back as you flatten your abdomen by gently pulling it in.

2. Breathing

Breathe consciously is a skill. When we inhale, we want to aim to allow air to reach the lower part of the lungs, and as a result they may naturally expand out.
As we exhale, the air will be released, and the muscles around the rib cage will relax.
Breathing should not be forced or strained, and it should be applied to support a movement.
Oxygen is our major life source and correct breathing can help to reduce unnecessary pressure particularly around the core, as well as reduce muscular tension.


3. Centering

This is where we pull it all together before take off into any movement. Our core abdominal muscles are not just the six-pack muscle – there are actually four layers of muscles.
‘Centering’ refers to having an awareness of our deepest stomach muscles, (as well as our deepest lower back muscles, and the pelvic floor), in order support the body.
Centering is also a mindset where it teaches us to focus on the here and now which all relates back to the centre of our body  the core.


The NETFIT mat pilates aims to strengthens and aligns your body all at the same time. With that said it also complements your netball game because it prepares your body to move better in every way.

Adding it into your routine will help you lift heavier weights, run faster and even balance on your landing on court.