Jump out of bed for this refreshing skincare routine

I’ve been counting down the days (ok minutes) until winter is over. Blasting the heating inside has dried out all of my skin, I’ve had wind burn from my netball games and have avoided shaving because I’m living in my trackies 24/7.

Now that Australia is coming out of winter (very sorry to our global readers if your summer is ending), I really need to rehydrate my skin and get excited to do my skincare every morning and like Hailey Bieber says “a glazed doughnut”. These are my favourite products that I’ve noticed a real difference in my skin, ready to feel confident to take on my day.

1. Cleanse away

To start off, I always make sure that Iā€™m working with a properly cleansed face. Removing all the excess dirt from our face is crucial for the next step of our skincare routine to absorb and work better. My all-time favourite is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel. I’ve never found a facial wash that leaves me feeling so fresh and clean but hasn’t dried out my skin.Ā 

2. Watch your tone

Toners act as another level of cleansing, deep cleaning pores and effectively removing dirt, oil, makeup, and other pollutants. I try to avoid heavy exfoliating acids, which can strip natural oils and dry out your skin.

3. Treat yourself

I like to apply serum right after my toner. This helps bring back the dewy feeling I love into my skin. I like to choose a Vitamin C to brighten up my face, but this step is specific to different skin types. Choose wisely! This Bondi Sands one is my holy grail, I have never found a better one and especially for the price point – you can’t go wrong!Ā 

4. Plenty of moisture

Finish your fresh and dewy routine with a two-in-one moisturiser and sunscreen. Sunny Daze is perfect if you hate greasy sunscreen and want a lighter base without feeling sticky! I also like to go in with body sunscreen on my arms and legs before my game, even when the sun isn’t out. Those UV rays can be nasty!Ā 

Win your day feeling fresh and fierce with this routine. Nothing better than a look-good, feel-good netball attitude.

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By Jasmine Daniels

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