I need a healthy week

I know many of us feel really isolated right now, spending so much time social distancing and at home. So it makes it

extremely special when this community we’ve built comes together and creates something to uplift and entertain one another. I’m incredibly proud of our NETFIT community, not just for the fitness workouts and coaching, but for all of you who have helped create an online space that acts a source of comfort for those who are new to NETFIT, or those who thrive within this safe environment.

When we created SIMMER we specifically had the isolated world in mind, because you guys have been so supportive of not only NETFIT, but more importantly of one another, for so many years.

I’ve loved compiling your reposts of beautiful things I’ve seen this week surrounding the #Simmer you all started. Never forget who is watching, and what your message of positivity might mean to them. Stick together, especially in times like these and reach out to people who might feel alone… a text, a call, a DM, a FaceTime, a tag or even an email goes a long way!

As lonely or as isolated as some of you may feel right now, we’re lucky there are so many ways to stay united and connected during this time. Let’s take advantage of the technology we have and continue to spread all the love that we can.

My 3 goals this week

  1. Maintain my consistency of 15mins + workout each day.
  2. Focus on holding a strong glow in my skin this week through hydrating & clean eating. Sleep for between seven and nine hours-a-night and drinking between two and four litres of water each day.
  3. Close my computer at 5pm. Focus on healthy work boundaries, spending time with my family and friends, either physically as the restrictions ease, or virtually to those I can’t see.

Waking up

Self talk as soon as I wake, 3 things I am grateful for. I am committed to my workouts first thing in the morning with 1/2 a banana in my tummy, water and coffee. Looking forward to a full breakfast afterwards.

Before bed

My last meal of the day will be around 6pm, and there’s absolutely no alcohol allowed for me this week!

Fuel focus

To eat lean chicken, beef or fish with every meal, or the equivalent in eggs (around three).  I am avoiding unnatural sugar and boosting my berries intake. I will also eat two servings of fat per meal coconut oil, avocado, butter or olive oil. Ok, let’s talk carbs – I will be fueling up on lentils, chickpeas, brown rice, sweet potato or quinoa.

My sessions this week. Join me as I share my day on @netfitsarah

Sunday 1st: MINDTIME + 60MIN WALK

Monday 2nd: NETFIT HIIT

Tuesday 3rd: 60MIN WALK & NETFIT LIIT

Wednesday 4th: STRENGTH + 60MIN WALK

Thursday 5th: RUN CLUB

Friday 6th: PILATES


Take care and please don’t be shy to share your goals with me this week.

Bring on a healthy week.

Love Sarah x