How to fall back in love with netball

Liv Morris, 19 
NETFIT Intern. Melbourne. 


1. 2020 was time to reflect. COVID actually brought me something good.

Before the pandemic came along, I was ready to have a break from netball and take a year to focus on the other aspects of my life. Never did I expect a global pandemic to make me realise how much I love to play netball. I realised very quickly how much I love going to training and spending time with friends who play the sport. It was the recharge I needed mentally and physically. It helped me to focus on my strength, conditioning, and mindset; both for training and game day, perfect timing for my debut for Ariels in the Championship Division. In 2021, I had played in the under 19’s division in the Victorian Netball League and both the intensity and physicality of moving to the Championship Division is something I didn’t expect. Even so, I have been absolutely loving the challenge.



2. Remember why you started.

When you’re younger you play netball for fun. Unfortunately, sometimes our brains can over-complicate the fun game we played as little kids once we start to get older. This is why it’s good to remember the reasons you played netball in the first place. When a trial doesn’t go your way or you’re not having a great game, try to go back to the reason you love running around on the court. Believe in yourself and your ability because when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.



3. Surround yourself with people that help you grow.

The reason we all play a team sport is because of all the incredible people involved. Your teammates can end up being some of your best friends. When you find the right coach and team for you, you’re given an environment to thrive, have fun, laugh and play together. Never underestimate the importance of having fun with your teammates. Time flies when you’re having fun so remember to make the most of every minute at training sessions and game days. Something I have discovered this season is that having strong friendships with your teammates can make your play’s so much easier as you understand how they play and how to support them to get the best out of themselves every week. There is nothing better than having one combined goal with others’ and working towards it as a team.