Hassle Free Beauty Hacks For Active Lifestyles

As netballers and athletes we know we can’t look amazing all the time. We sweat, we smell, our hair gets dirty, our skin gets dry and the list goes on. The hair washing schedule is the worst; training twice a week with a game on a Saturday so when do you wash your hair so it actually looks nice and ready for the weekend? Also, that lump your hair gets when you take out your hair tie? Horrible!

As a netballer and beauty product enthusiast myself, I have tried to perfect a routine that helps me feel fresh, using the correct products for my body to feel confident in myself. Everyone is different in their needs and preferences, but this is how I create a simple beauty routine whilst getting sweaty 5+ times a week.

1. Balling and Bronzing

Coaching, training, going to the gym, and playing netball games are normal parts of my week that require me to sweat and be outside. Over the years I have developed a routine that helps me feel confident in my body and skin. My tanning routine is the most important to me as I love to feel like I have a nice glow which makes me feel more confident when I play netball. By looking after my body and ensuring I do all these little steps can help that 1% of my game. I use Bali Body Gradual Tan throughout the week giving me a glow I love without looking like Ross’ tan from Friends.

To avoid clogging my pores, I exfoliate on Thursday night after my training session, wait 30 minutes and apply a layer of Bali Body Tan. This will last me until the following Monday, feeling nice and bronzed for the weekend. The Saturday tan is always the best, and I avoid putting on any fresh tan on the weekend that I know I will just sweat off

2. Un-condition-al hair

Most of us have been through the struggle of the hair washing schedule *currently wishing I was a Kardashian who could have a stylist 24/7*. You train most days during the week, so when do you line up your hair showers or do you compromise with sweaty hair?! Overwashing and styling your hair can strip natural oils and create dry, dull hair. I suggest organising your training and workout schedule in advance to avoid having to wash your hair every day of the week. When I do wash my hair, I love to finish my shower with 20 seconds of cold water in my hair because cold water closes the hair cuticles and pores on the scalp, adding shine to my hair.

Finding a shampoo and conditioner that works for you is also super important. I use Bondi Boost Rapid Repair to avoid breakage from all the hair ties I use at netball. Taking a break from these and replacing them with scrunchies and claw clips when you’re not working out can also help with breakage and keep your hair looking healthy.

3. How to nail itΒ 

A netballer’s worst nightmare… you go up for a ball but only get a finger to it, and you land without a nail. Ouch! I’ve always loved my friends’ gorgeous long nails with acrylics, getting new colours and designs done monthly. Playing netball means short nails but I now believe it doesn’t mean they don’t have to look nice. I love using Sally Hansen’s quick-dry nail polish for a quick fix to those bare nails. Extra points if you get your team’s colours! After netball and everyone catching the flu, I’ve also been overusing the hand sanitiser after sharing a ball with 13 other people on the court. I religiously use The Body Shop’s hand cream nightly to make sure my hands aren’t dry and rough.Β 

After all… we’re human and we can’t look or feel perfect all the time. But I love to adopt a look good feel good attitude when I play netball and it helps me enjoy the game as well as play better.Β 

By Jasmine Daniels

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