Origin Energy & GIANTS Netball bringing good energy to NSW Communities

Origin Energy & GIANTS Netball taking netball to NSW Communities

Powered by Origin Energy and in partnership with GIANTS Netball, throughout 2022 NETFIT has been bringing good energy to community netball with local pop-ups, skills and end of season celebration events to schools and clubs.

Recently one of our visits took the NETFIT Team to Cattai Public School, a primary school located 44 kilometres north-west of Sydney. Working with students from the entire school, NETFIT’s Tay Davies loved the opportunity to teach new skills from Prep’s to Year 6 “The level of understanding of netball never matters in our sessions, with each station practising a new skill, getting a netball in hand with a friend and pumping the music, each student has a role to play and is valued in our moving HIIT workout.”

The Cattai teachers, led by Deborah Hussey who helped organise the Origin Energy NETFIT Roadshow event at Cattai, were delighted to see their students so engaged, smiling and sweaty throughout the 1-hour session “Our main goal from the session was to have everyone leaving the school day really proud of their efforts and to encourage every student to be 1% better every day. We can’t always be perfect every day, but we can be kind, try our best and include everyone along the way”.

“As a result of the recent flood activity during the past 2 La Niña events, many of our Cattai families have been seriously affected. Instead of enjoying freedom again after 2 years of multiple COVID lockdowns, most of our families had to start dealing with these flooding events. Even the families not in flood areas were still stuck at home because the school had to close for periods of time”.

“Throughout all this, the school still managed to attend one of the Schools Netball Cups for the first time. Being a small school, it’s not easy to get a team together. Although most of them hadn’t played a game of netball before, they gave it a go and had a lot of fun which is always our goal as educators” Deborah explained.

Having already visited Lismore, Port Macquarie, and Narromine, as well as reaching 8 new schools and associations across November thanks to Origin Energy and GIANTS Netball, NETFIT has loved bringing these events to life with the help of families and community members across New South Wales.

To learn more or register your interest please visit: https://netfitnetball.com/netfit-roadshow/

For further information or to request a visit please contact: info@netfitnetball.com