Generations – Together We’re Stronger By Lisa Alexander

To me “Together We’re Stronger” very much refers to the heart and soul of the family team. My family has supported me through thick and thin particularly in my years as a young mother going to University training and playing elite level netball and looking after my new little family unit.

My mother first introduced me to QV Gentle Wash back when I had my baby daughter Carly to make sure that we were using a very gentle product and taking care of her skin.

Guess what I am still using it today. It is in my bathroom at home. QV Gentle Wash has been a part of looking after the generations of my family for over 35 years. That is longevity that is caring for our family we know we are stronger together.

We love that Ego Pharmaceuticals the company that make QV is based not far from our family home in Cheltenham Victoria.

It is Australian owned and made and that makes a National Coach very happy indeed. QV has always been ahead of its time! Being soap and fragrance free was and is important to my family.

My stepson and youngest daughter use QV Gentle Wash to cleanse their sensitive skin. QV Gentle Wash allows them both to wash their skin with confidence knowing it will not dry their skin out.

Stronger together as a blended family is the key and seeking to work together as a family team.  We talk through issues and we don’t always agree but respect each other’s opinions and always support each other through the tough times.

‘We before me’ is the key in these situations.

Now that my granddaughter is growing up before our eyes it is important to maintain the family tradition by ensuring QV Gentle Wash is in the bathroom ready for bathing routines. She is so gorgeous and shares her mother’s beautiful but sensitive skin.

My own skincare routine reflects that of a busy travelling often National Coach but I never forget to pack my QV Face products. They all fit neatly in my travel  bag and I use them every day. The shower begins my routine QV Face Gentle Cleanser followed by QV Face Moisturising Day Cream SPF 30 as it doubles as my sun protection.

This routine helps to keep my skin in tip top shape and helps me to stay calm and centred. I love it! I love my family and I love QV Face Gentle Cleanser and QV Gentle Wash Together We’re Stronger.

Go check out the range! QV’s range includes products to suit a variety of different skin types and sensitive skin

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear protective clothing hats and eyewear to further reduce risk. Frequent re-application is required.