Best Tips for Coming Out Of Iso In The Best Shape

NETFIT Master Trainer Taylah Davies Shares Her Best Tips for Coming Out Of Iso In The Best Shape

NETFIT Trainer Taylah Davies is a pro netballer and AFLW player — who creates workout routines for the NETFIT Netball community — is sharing her best tips for Iso survive, and coming back stronger than ever.

Keeping your skills on point and fit for netball, while stuck at home may seem daunting — but you can still keep up a workout routine from the confines of your house.

Taylah Davies is one of the fitness pros behind the impressive workouts available in the NETFIT APP.

The Sydney-based trainer — who has been sharing workout routines on NETFIT — tells NETBALLERS there are some simple guidelines to staying active as gyms remain closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are her top five tips:

  1. Simplify

Keep it simple! Long are the days of training for hours! Keep your workouts short, sharp and efficient! Doing this will help you stay motivated, keep it fun, free up more time and make it more achievable. Working out from home can be tough and you can find yourself really struggling to get out of bed to get your session done in the lounge room.

However when we keep out workouts simple and efficient we are so much more motivated to get our workout done and SMASH it! My favourite type of workouts are our NETFIT HIIT sessions that are simple, fun and really get your sweat on! I recommend following a great online program like NETFIT so all of the hard work is done!

No worrying about “what workout can I do?” We have it sorted out for you- simple, efficient and fun workouts that you can achieve at home. All you need to bring is your spark and energy, we’ve got you covered.

  1. Moderation

Listen to your body-  your mind and body will tell you exactly what it needs. All you have to do it listen.

Once you get on a roll with your workout routine and the good endorphins start glowing out of your skin, it can be easy to fall under the trap of more is better. However, we need to listen to our bodies and mind, we need to be smart with our workout routine to prevent burnout, injuries and prevent circling back around and starting all over again.

One of the biggest tips I can share is to listen to your body to figure out what makes you happy and what your body needs. This might take some practise and patients but it is so worth it in the end. One thing I like to do is to plan my week ahead and write down all of the training sessions I want to achieve during the week.

I love seeing my week on paper in front of me and this allows me to plan what type of sessions I will be doing, when my rest day will be and also gives me a plan of attack that is the BEST for my body.

  1. Build up on good habits

Good habits are key to nailing your at home workout routine! Creating small but effective habits will be an absolute game changer.

Have you stayed up on your phone scrolling through Instagram too late and promised yourself you would workout in the morning.

The next morning your alarm goes off and that promise you made yourself the night before, got lost scrolling through your phone and now you have pressed snooze for the 10th time? Well its time to change something, it’s time to create new habits!

Some of my healthy habits:

1) Set a time & stick with it! Schedule your workout in your diary, this keeps you accountable and once I write something in my diary I know I need to get it done!

2) Beauty sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason, we all know sleep is so important and if you want to create good habits, this is the perfect place to start.

3) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Every morning I have a glass of warm water that helps kick start my day and is a great habit to start.

4) Lay out your workout clothes. This is one habit I have recently introduced and it is so simple but so effective! Trust me on this one, lay out your active wear the night before. In the morning when your alarm goes off, JUMP UP, get dressed and the hardest part is almost done. Now it’s time to pump the tunes and start your NETFIT workout.

5) What are you waiting for? Get started girl! Stop procrastinating and make your workout a priority, when you get in to the habit of this you will notice the difference in your motivation to workout at home!

  1. Small Consistent Efforts

I think we can all agree we have tried to start a new workout routine or reach a fitness goal and have struggled to stay consistent.

Consistency really is the key in achieving your goals and especially on the days you might not be vibing it! We need to take small steps each day that all tie in to your main goal. Whether I am writing workouts from our NETFIT community or working hard to be in the best physical and mental state I can be to perform on the field and court, I know that the small things I do every single day will effect this.

This might be something as little as ticking off your check-list, taking a walk outside after working inside all day, making an effort to check-in with your team girls, doing my daily stretches, doing something that makes you happy (My morning coffee brings so much happiness to my day!). Don’t get lost in the bigger picture.

Take one day at a time, be consistent with your goals and what you have set-out to achieve. There is honestly no better feeling than getting to the end of your week knowing you have given everything.

  1. Teamwork with your Team Girls

Because you are working out from home, it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! Although you might find it nice to workout in your own company, we need our girl gang to keep us motivated.

It is also a great way to catch-up with your team girls, check in with each other and stay connected whilst all working out! Working out and a catchup with the girls, yes please! Our NETFIT community love to host zoom workouts with each-other

and share their workouts on socials. It is SO much fun and you will also notice how quick your workout goes! Amazing! Nobody wants to let the team down, so if you are finding it hard to stay consistent with your home workouts, schedule one with your team.


Stay tuned for NETFIT Netball new challenging launching just just a few weeks. We promise you will come out of ISO stronger than ever.