“And just like that” we are back in Alice Springs!

To borrow a famous phrase “and just like that” we are back in Alice Springs!
12 months have absolutely flown since both Mel and I were here last and I don’t think too much has changed. Yes there has been a lot of negative press around Alice recently however all we witnessed was the same beautiful welcoming and warm embrace from a netball-loving community.
It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces along with so many new netballers who we are excited to welcome to the NETFIT family.
By the numbers exactly this is how our time reads over the 5 days we have:
  • Worked with over 500 netballers coaches administrators and community members
  • Filled up over 3000 water bombs and balloons for the amazing NETFIT Splash
  • Played over 120 different tunes through our training sessions and programs (may of slid a couple of our favs in on repeat there!)
  • Delivered and received countless high-fives from the NT TID crew
  • Annoyed Jay & Emily (the legends from ASNA) numerous times with many small details!
  • Had the best time with the cool kids from Yipirinya school – Super talents but mainly super smiley little legends
  • Loved, laughed and played with the Thorny Devils All Abilities crew. They continue to get better and better on court always positive and excited for the game off the court too which is just as important.
  • Rode on 5 very funny sometimes grumpy camels though the amazing evening Alice sky
  • Laughed endlessly with our great friends Deb,Jen & Pete – who were the best tour guides and adventure buddies.
  • Had Mel constantly being chosen as the favourite from the players…maybe even also Nat Sligar too who started stealing her go to one liners.
Our commitment to the NT and to Alice will continue to grow. ASNA and the amazing clubs in Alice put in a massive amount of effort for the young netballers of the region and we are the lucky ones who are able to be a part of their journey.
We are so excited to again return in 2024 and see what adventures the team has planned for us then.
Claire & Mel