The NETFIT Roadshow - Coming to your Courts in 2022

The NETFIT Roadshow is the perfect way to bring the energy and spark back to your netball court in 2022.

The NETFIT Roadshow is a community give-back netball program for your local club or association combining NETFIT HIIT, Skills and Masterclass sessions! 
Powered by Origin Energy and in partnership with GIANTS Netball, NETFIT want to bring good energy to community netball, integrating local pop-ups, club fundraising and rep team braid-bars to your entire club!

Find an Event

The Event

We come to you

  • NETFIT HIIT, Skills and Masterclass sessions!
  • Giveaways
  • Meet the NETFIT team
  • Perfect for your club training nights!

What participants get

Big value package

  • Bespoke NETFIT event
  • 6-months full NETFIT App access

Association Benefits

What you get out of it

  • NETFIT & GIANTS hosted event
  • Opportunity for you to showcase your sponsors

As an association what do you do?

  • Help promote to your local netball community
  • Provide netball courts or secure venue
  • Provide on-the-day club volunteers
  • Engage existing and new netballers with the event
  • Manage your own pop-ups
  • Investigate how you might be able to receive Council & Government support

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New South Wales

Bookings Open


How much will it cost us?

That’s up to you. Depending on the event that you choose to host it can either be a club-pay or attendee-pay event. With the value of inclusions being over $100 we feel it’s great value for your netballing community to access elite talent as well as raise money for your club. 

How does the rebate process work?

For every ticket sold at the event your Association or Club shall receive a percentage of the purchase price. We will reconcile this with you after the event and pay upon receipt of a Tax Invoice within 28 days of the event concluding.

Is this event available to regional areas of NSW?

Yes! This is a netball event for all of NSW, so no matter your location please be sure to apply!
All applications are subject to the selection criteria including venue type and capacity, community size and volunteer numbers. Your location, provided that you are based in NSW, doesn’t matter!

What happens if there is a COVID:19 enforced lockdown?

If the event is unable to go ahead due to any COVID:19 enforced lockdowns or density restrictions as a result of Federal or State Government directives then we shall look to work with the hosting Club or Association to re-schedule the event.
Should the event have to be cancelled due to a COVID:19 enforced lockdown then a refund of the ticket purchase, less any online transaction costs, will be made.

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