5 Best Tips To Stay Motivated By Courtney Tairi - NETFIT Netball

Courtney Tairi from NETFIT New Zealand shares her 5 best tips to stay motivated while she completes the 8 Week Together We’re Stronger Challenge

1. Find the joy

I believe it’s important to enjoy what you’re doing to get the most out of it. That applies to life but also when exercising and staying motivated. You are more inclined to perform better and have a quality session if there is an essence of joy in it for you. This can be as simple as working out to your favourite music, working out with a friend/mum (shout out to Kim and her Mum for their mother daughter workouts), doing your Pilates at sunrise. I personally love listening to podcasts, so I save them for when I’m working out. This gives me something to look forward and gets me excited for my training sessions.


2. Fuel your body

Food is the fuel we need to perform. For me, I know I train better when I have correctly fuelled my body. I feel good, I have higher energy levels and therefore can put more into my sessions which lead to greater outcomes. Part of fuelling your body correctly can come down to good planning. If you know that you have a big running session that day then you would plan to fuel your body for that session differently to a Pilates session. I love the NETFIT nutrition plan and find it helpful when planning how to fuel my body.

3. Sleep well

I love sleep! Is there anything better than waking up after a great night’s sleep. It’s where your body grows and recovers. All recovery is important – food, stretching, compression etc. But sleep is the major part of recovery that will contribute to your body’s ability to consistently perform and also keep your mood positive. Find what works for you to ensure you get 8+ hours of quality sleep. I personally like to read before bed, some people use sleep apps, some people like to go over their plan for the next day so their mind is clear. There are many things you can do to get into a good sleep routine.

4. Plan your goals

On Sundays I like to plan. Every Sunday I look at my week ahead, write my overall goals for the week and map out what my week will look like to achieve these goals. Then every night I go over my next day, what my goals are, what I want to achieve. This helps to give me a clear direction and purpose. Its great to have short term goals and long-term goals throughout the 8-week program. This provides checkpoints for self-evaluation and gives you something to strive for.

5. Mix things up

Routine is great but you can still mix things up to keep it interesting and stay motivated. I like to stick to routine but add a little twist here and there. It can be as simple as from doing my running session on a treadmill one week, athletics track the next week and by the beach the week after. Another little change I make is doing a dance class when I can fit it in my schedule. I find it helpful and motivating when I can add little changes and mix things up.